Introduction: $1 Mobile Phone Stand

Nowadays phone stands have become stupidly expensive .Here I present a $1 phone stand which you can use to view movies and play videos while you sit on the bed...

Step 1: Materials Required..

1.Paper Binding clips

2. ice cream stick

Step 2: Take Out the Pins

1.Remove the metal pins with your hand.take care of safety.Take adult supervision.

2.Pull the pins to expand the

Step 3: Replace the Pins Again

1.Replace the clips taken from the top part of the clip

2.This should act as an support for the mobile phone.

3.Do it as illustrated in image 1

Step 4: Attach the Icecream

1.attach the ice cream stick as per the length of the phone or tablet to provide a proper support

2.Make sure you use a strong one for bigger phones else it may break. may even paint the stick so that it may look better.

Step 5: Your Stand Is Complete

This is the end of the stand for phones

It is really cheap and can be used for watching movies and can also be used for video chatting.

Moreover it can be used as a tripod..

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