Introduction: 1-Person LEGO Prison City

Have you ever wanted to build a LEGO city, but yo you hate the “new” and “colorful” theme? Well, I can help you with the new, but I did not have a bunch of non-colorful legos so we are going to make a medieval LEGO town!


You will need a bunch of legos of all varieties, and that’s basically it.

Step 1: Step 1: Build a Platform

You need something to build on and solidify your structure, so start with the platform. It doesn’t really matter what your platform is made out of, as long as it’s flat and all connected.

Step 2: Structure: Walls

Now that you have your platform done, it’s time to make the walls! So, to start out, you are going to want to build with, again, any type of block, though I suggest using the thick blocks. I personally used already constructed stone walls, as I had Them lying around. You are going to want to completely surround the compound, so make walls very expansive.

Step 3: Structure: the Single Jail Cell

So, you’ve finished the walls, and now you need to make a place to keep your only prisoner. There are several designs you can do to make a cell, but the one I used has actual LEGO jail bars. To keep it simple, the main idea you want to follow while building this is to create a small but sturdy space, while making it barren and looking cool. As I’m guessing everyone reading this has seen a jail cell before, I recommend you go with what you think is right. Really, you could just make a hollow cube and put a door, and that would be completely adequate.

Step 4: Jail Guards/Prisoner

So, you’ve finished the main essentials, and you are onto the finer details. I highly recommend that you use actual LEGO people for this, as if you don’t it will look really weird and off. I myself used a bunch of medieval and StarWars characters, as they looked very serious and somewhat angry. All you need to do with this is to position them in spots you think look good, and really add to the build. Because there’s only one prisoner, you don’t need to have a ton of guards, so do what you would like. Just have fun with it!

Step 5: Adding to the Overall Aesthetic

So, you’ve done the important things, and now you want to make it look good and not barren. Honestly, you could put anything you would like and as long as it goes with the theme, it’s A-Ok. So what I did was add an electric chair(also used as a real chair), a mail slot, and a cool-looking entrance. These are some pretty simple things to implement and they really add to the look of the build. Add whatever you would like, and have fun with it!

Step 6: You Have Finished!

You are done! Good job! Now, I think our builds should look completely different, and if they are, great! You followed the instructions perfectly. The thing that really makes legos great is the ability to build what you want, and make it how you want. So go! Stop reading this, and build whatever you want!