Introduction: $1 Recycle Lamp

Americans throw away enough garbage everyday to fill 63,000 garbage trucks, which if lined up end to end for an entire year would stretch half way to the moon.

Why not try to reduce trash by making something out of it?

This is how you make a lamp with trash.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following:


Exacto knife


Wood glue


Japanese saw


6 Chopsticks (I used bamboo chopsticks)

Block of wood (minimum 3" x 4")

Light bulb and the socket

Canvas or rice paper

Two different types of wire ( I used thin copper wire and just regular wire)

Step 2: Make Longer Chopsticks

We are going to make three long chopsticks to hold the bulb.

Get 2 chopsticks and cut the chopstick diagonally (in same angle) using exacto knife.

Stick these two chopsticks together with wood glue at the angled part. (super glue does work, however its not the best option)

Repeat this two more time.

* Make sure that all of those chopsticks are in different length.

Step 3: Make a Plate

Now we are going to make a plate so it can hold those three long chopsticks together and the cable.

Get your chunk of wood and drill a hole with the radius of minimum 0.7 "and maximum of 0.9". If the hole is too small, its not going to fit the chopsticks and the cable for the socket but if it is too big the socket will go through.

Cut the wood into triangle shape or any interesting shape.

Step 4: Cut Your Wood Piece and Make the Socket to Go Through

Since the hole is too small for the cable to go through, we have to cut them in half.

Cut your wood piece in half and make the socket to go through.

Use wood glue to stick it back. ( Superglue does work, but not the best option)

Step 5: Stabilize the Socket.

Put all three of the chopsticks and the socket through the wood piece. Now wrap around the socket with the wire. (in the picture I made it with silver wire)

Then attach the chopsticks with the thinner wire on three different sides.

After stabilizing your socket and making the chopstick at the right place, pour some of the wood glue through the hole so it stays in that shape. Leave it for at least 6 hours to dry.

Step 6: Cut the Lamp Shade

Now we are going to cut the lamp shade into the approximate size.

Put the canvas on the table.

Lay the lamp at the edge of the canvas and draw the a dot on the canvas where the chopstick ends.

Flip the lamp and repeat this step for the other two sides.

Connect all the dots.

* You can replace the canvas with rice paper.

Step 7: Cut and Fold.

Now we are going to cut the lamp shade and fold it.

Cut the canvas along the line that we drew.

Fold it on the lines.

* Wet it so it fold better and dry it after you fold it so it stays better. You don't have to fold it but its definitely worth of doing so.

Step 8: Glue the Lamp Shade

Now we are going to glue the lamp shade.

Put fabric glue on the straight edge at the end.

Wrap the canvas around the chopsticks and find the.

Pinch with clip or cloth pin for about 3 hours.

Step 9: Cut Out the Residue and Enjoy Your Lamp.

Even though you measured the length of the chopsticks and cut the canvas or rice paper out, it might not come out exact size as you want. Cut out all the residue out.

This is what I have for my final result.