Introduction: 1 Watt RGB LED Driver for Ardiuno

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RGB LED is a advance type of LED which can produce more colors than generic mono color LEDs. Single 3mm mono-chromic can be easly drive by ardiuno using resistor (100 -220 ohm for optimum brightness) but 1 watt LED or RGB LED can not drive as it required more power.So in this tutorial i will describe how to make a 1 watt RGB LED driver for ardiuno. Which can be use in various ardiuno project.

Step 1: Understand Pinout of Your RGB LED

Generally RGB found in two format 1.common anode, 2.Common cathode. If proper pinout statement is not given use a 3 volt battery connect any two pin of 4 pin RGB. If any thing not happened invert the connection and you will easily understand the pinout.

Step 2: Make PCB for This Project and Collect Required SMD or Through Hole Components

Make a PCB as describe in picture. I use NPN (D882) transistor in SMD package for smaller size of this driver. This transistor easily provide enough power for RGB LED.You can use SMD or through hole 1kohm resistor. Component can be obtain from old electronic circuit board.

Step 3: Complete PCB With Component and Connection With RGB LED.

Follow the connection diagrammed as given below. Connect the PCB positive and negative terminal with 3-5V ,500mM power supply. RGB will not glow automatically. for test connect the input for ardiuno pins with positive supply of the circuit one of color glow.In the same away test other pin. Each pin will turn only one colour of RGB LED.If all pin worked correctly your project is complete. Now you can use it with ardiuno. One last thing you have to remind ,always connect the ground pin of this circuit with ardiuno ground pin. For more watch my youtube video and support my work by like ,share and subscribe.