Introduction: 1-up and Super Mushroom Ornaments

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Power up your Christmas and give your tree Extra Life with these super cute Super Mario ornaments you can make in an afternoon! They're fast and inexpensive, so go ahead and build an entire Mushroom Kingdom!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

  • Two different sizes of styrofoam balls
  • Paint (I used red, green and white, but die-hard fans may opt for the original colors: red with orange spots for Super Mushrooms and orange with green spots for 1ups)
  • Mod podge - this can be found in craft stores, and is used to fill in the pores of the styrofoam to create a smoother painting surface. Alternatively, spackle could be used, and might be quicker in the end.
  • Glue
  • Small gauge wire to make a hook (or pre-formed ornament hook)
  • Wire cutters
  • X-acto (or similar) knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush and cups for water

Step 2: Shape Your Balls

Carve your styrofoam balls into the appropriate shapes. The larger size will become the mushroom cap and the smaller will become the stem.

  • Mark both styro balls with cutting lines. Creating cross-mark lines helped me draw a fairly even circle and provided markings for me to help cut away the styrofoam easily.
  • Cut each of the pieces flat along the lines
  • On the flat side of the larger piece, mark a circle approximately the size of the circumference of the smaller ball so it will fit inside. Don't worry too much about getting an accurate measurement. Start out on the smaller side and you can always carve away more.
  • Hollow out the inside of the larger ball, using the circle as a guide. Check to see if the stem piece will fit snugly inside and make adjustments as necessary,
  • Holding the flat side of each ball flush with the table, sand away the edges to ensure an even, smooth edge. This takes about 2 seconds. Don't overdo it.

Step 3: Add Hanging Hook

If you already have some ornament hooks around, then awesome, just use those.
If you don't, cut some wire to make one. I don't remember what gauge I used. Something light.

  • Measure out a small length of wire and cut with wire cutters.
  • Form small spiral around handle of X-acto knife or pencil
  • Pierce through inside of mushroom cap, flattening the spiral so it won't slip through
  • Form wire into hook shape
  • Trim as necessary (or just make a bigger hook)

Step 4: Prep Pieces for Painting

Using the Mod Podge or spackle, seal the outside of the styrofoam balls to ensure a smooth painting surface.

  • Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge (or similar product) or spackle over the outer surface of your mushroom pieces
  • Let dry thoroughly
  • Sand surface
  • Repeat

Step 5: Mask Circles

To make sure you have nice circles, it helps to create a mask to block the areas that will be white. I used four circles for this size mushroom.

  • Trace something circular (I used the bottom of the paint bottles I had) onto masking tape, contact paper or something similar you might have around and cut them out.
  • Place masking circles around the mushroom cap and carefully press down all edges

Step 6: Paint

Paint your mushrooms!

  • Paint your main color over the masked mushroom caps
  • Paint the stems white
  • Let dry
  • Remove masking circles from mushroom caps
  • Paint circles white, using edges of masking as a guide. Go slowly and use just the edge of the brush to smooth out the edges of the circle.

Step 7: Finish

The rest is simple!

  • Glue the mushroom stem into the cap
  • Using paint or a Sharpie (or similar) marker, draw on eyes
  • Hang on your tree and soak up the glory of all your friends saying "Awww......."
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