$10 ATV/Canoe Mounted, Waterproof, Crush-Proof, SmartPhone or Gps Holder

Introduction: $10 ATV/Canoe Mounted, Waterproof, Crush-Proof, SmartPhone or Gps Holder

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After destroying a smart phone on a long rainy, muddy day, I task myself to find a better system of keeping my Cell phone dry and safe. I've used Zip lock bags, dry bags meant for boaters, plastic wrap and a few other such systems.
None seemed to: 1. Keep my phone dry,  2. Keep it with in reach to see, or hear.  3.  Keep it from being tossed around in my rack bag.
My solution was simple and very cost effective , Less than 10 bucks.

I got the idea of a mounted dry box while looking at fishing gear at the local walmart. The Case I am  using is a Plano waterproof tackle box, it measures about 4" by 5", its watertight and crush-proof. I think I gave about 6 bucks for it.
My first attempt to mount it with 3m two sided tape wasn't a complete success. The molding ridges on the back of the case prevented the tape from getting a good tight seal. So to fix this problem you will have to cut or grind the ridges off, "very easy to do".  After I ground off the ridges , I again added 3 lengths of 3m double sided adhesive tape, and just for good measure some superglue. I clamped the box to the fender plate for one hour, then tried remove it with my hands. With out a tool or adhesive remover, I think that the fender would break before the box would come loose.

As you can see in the second picture it has seen a lot of abuse and is still rock solid. Its had knees smashed into it,  been hit and raked by tree limbs, cleaned a few hundred times with a 2000psi pressure washer. What can i say its a great addition to any bike.

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