$10 Amazon Echo Frames Prescription Lens Hack




Introduction: $10 Amazon Echo Frames Prescription Lens Hack

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Have Echo Frames and need prescription lenses on a budget? Then this is for you.

Step 1: Step 1: Get a Pair of Amzon Echo Frames

Echo frames are a "Day 1"-edition, which means you had to get lucky with the draw as an invite is required to purchase a pair. There are some being sold on third party sites, such as Ebay, if you don't have an invite.

The Echo frames come with non-prescription lenses and as you can guess, feature Amazon Alexa on the go. Unlike some other frames that use bone-conduction for audio, Echo Frames have directional speakers that point to your ears and leave your hearing open for ambiance. Must say, they work pretty good (Bose developed the tech), but are no replacement for quality headphones. I'd rather listen to music on proper headsets, but for audio-books, occasional YouTube videos ans such, these are awesome.

If you do have a need for prescription lenses, congrats, you can stop here and enjoy your Frames with Alexa.

Should you need prescription lenses, you are also in luck. These frames can be fitted with proper lenses and the box even comes with instructions to the optician.

I recently noticed a need for reading glasses and an optician recommended glasses not only for reading but also for working with computers and even a slight correction to seeing far.

Step 2: Step 2: Get Your Prescription

Go see a local optician. They often offer you a free exam and you'll walk out with a prescription that works pretty much universally. If your prescription is straight forward, then this hack is for you. If you need some special corrections, then this hack won't work.

My prescription was simple. Both eyes were exactly the same. I needed +1.5 for reading, 1 for computer and 0.25 for far distance. This meant a basic multi-focal setup.

Step 3: Step 3: Scavenge Your Local Department Stores

I went to my local department store (wearing my dummy glasses)to check out their off-the-shelf selection of glasses and surprisingly found many options that had my exact prescription. Rather than being called multi-focals, they are marketed as "Progressive" lenses.

I simply picked up a pair that resampled the Echo Frames the most. Main thing is to make sure the lenses are large enough to cover the Echo Frames lens area. That's pretty easy to do as the lenses fro the Echo Frames pop out quite easily.

The pair I ended up buying was around $10.

Step 4: Step 4: Prepare to Do Some Dremel Work

I popped out the lenses from my newly acquired glasses and prepares to Dremel the lenses a bit. But, my eye-balling the lens sizes ended up being spot on and I could simply just click the lenses in to the Echo Frames without any modifications.

Should you need to do some fine-tuning, I'd suggest that you do by constantly pouring water on the cuts to dissipate the heat from "Dremelling".

I did ask around few opticians, what it would cost to have lenses made and fitted to my frames and the lowest offer was $250 and it would've taken minimun of two weeks.

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Could you share the brand/mode for the donor glasses that you bought? Could save others some time in finding a pair that does not need adjusting to fit.

    Toppor Bottoms
    Toppor Bottoms

    2 years ago

    Grr... I am having a hard time finding an optician who can actually fit lenses into the frames. One place doesn't have lens thin enough (Costco) and another place (Walmart) uses heat to fit the lens (which after reading this makes no sense if they can pop right in). I can't believe you found perfect fit reader lens!

    Max F
    Max F

    2 years ago

    I actually tried something similar but i kept messing up the the groove at the edge of the lenses and my lenses kept falling out. I eventually just ordered a pair of prescription lenses from LensesRx Optical. It was 45 bucks and they arrived in like 3-4 days. I snapped them in and that was the end of that. I'm glad you were able to get it to work.


    2 years ago

    Great results, lucky the new lenses fit without modding. Gotta love that! : )