Introduction: 10€ DIY Softbox for Your DSLR

- Cardboard with measures of approx. two of 80 x 40 and two of 60 x 50.
- scissors or a cutter
- package tape
- white paper
- tinfoil
- ruler
- pencil

- hot shoe for your flash
- metal angles
- bulb and the correct sockets for the power cable

Here is the full video with all steps

Step 1: The Blueprint

At first you have to cut 4 parts for your softbox. You need two from each part on this sketch. If you are done with cutting, you can stick some package tape on the sides to make it more stable.

Step 2: Wrap Your Parts

After this step you have to stick tinfoil or white paper on one side of each part of your box.
This are the inside parts of your box and they will reflect the light or the flash.

Step 3: Almost Done

If you ready to go on, you need to put the single parts together to the final box. This should look like on these pictues. I used paper as reflection material. I got rid of tinfoil and didn´t wanted to wait till the next day to finish the box. The right image shows the box from outside.

Now you need a big part of paper. This paper should be bigger than 80x60cm. You need to bend it over the edges and fix it on the back side with duct tape.

I got mine from the printery. It is a roll with appr. 50m of paper and with a width of 1 meter. If you don´t know how to get such big parts of paper, i recommend you to look for fancy paper. I think it should be available in white.

Step 4: Connection

Now you just need something to fix your softbox on your tripod. I used this metal angular. I bent it to fit on the angle of the box. Thix angular has the same width as the flashes for your dslr. You can put it in the hot show of your flash and screw these on your tripod.

On the picture you can see the complete softobox, which i attached on my microphone tripod. It has a hot shoe, which i normally use to connect my umbrella (for photograpy as well).

The bulb you can see, is connected to a socket. This is a normal socket, you maybe know from construction areas.

I hope you like my little instructable. It´s not perfect and you need to invent something to connect your flash in front of your box. I connected some metal parts together and the solution looks like one of these flash2softbox things you can buy.

Hope you enjoy it!