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Introduction: 10 Do-s and Do-nots of Minecraft

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Minecraft is a big, popular game. Everyone plays it, and there are basics. From fighting to mining, here are ten basic Do-s and Do-nots of Minecraft.

I am writing this 5 days before the Minecraft Contest ends, and my Minecraft wasn't working, hence the fact most of my pictures are drawn on graph paper.

Step 1: Digging Straight Down

One of the most well-known rules of mincraft: Don't. Dig. Straight. Down.

There is a was easier way to do this, and it's much more affective.

Simply dig a two-by-one hole, and stand in the center of both blocks. You will find if you break one of two of the blocks below you, you will not fall. Now dig the other, so you are standing on both once again. Now if you break the other block, you won't fall.

If you broke one and say, for example, there was a cave below. You could see the cave, but you wouldn't fall.

Useful, right?

Step 2: Strip Mining (especially Diamonds)

Strip mining. I can explain this, but the picture will be more helpful.

Be just above bedrock for optimal diamond or red stone results.

So dig a straight line for about ten blocks or so. Go back to the entrance, and count two blocks from the entrance into the strip you just dug out. Turn 90 degrees (either side, it doesn't matter) and dig ONLY two blocks in. Now turn and do the same for the other side. Now walk three blocks farther into the strip, and turn 90 degrees, dig two blocks, turn 180 degrees, dig two blocks, walk three blocks into the strip...... etc.

Once you have gone on as far as desired, come out of the strip. Now turn 90 degrees (either side) and dig 7 blocks. Now turn back forwards the wall and repeat making the strip.

Make sure to stay about a block behind where you're mining, in case of lava, you can run back.

Step 3: Farming Eggs

now, this is simple. There is a quick contraption you can make.

Pick a block, any block. Now build a 7 by 7 ring- that's the black color in the picture. Now, one block lower, build another ring, except one block in. That's the red. Now, one block lower and one block in, do another ring. You should have a hollow, upside down puramid with a one block hole instead of a tip. One block lower, place a hopper leading into a chest. That's the gold/brown part. You should have an upside down pyramid and a chest by now.

Over the top layer (black), place a ring of fence. In the ring below that, place water all around the red ring. You should have the water flowing down over to the hopper, at the bottom.

Now, throw eggs into it until you have a chicken. When the chicken lays, the water sweeps the egg into the hopper and down into the chest. Enjoy your eggs!

Step 4: Sugar Cane Farming

This is also wide known. All along your water source, place sugar cane. When it has grown 2-3 blocks tall, run along it holding left click and staring straight ahead, destroying the layers and picking them up as you go along. Easy! The sugar cane will not stay in the air, it will break immediately.

Step 5: Hoed Crops

create a single block of water, one deep in the soil. Surround the water with up to four blocks of farmland. This creates a "wet" piece of farmland, causing the seeds planted to grow. If you want more space, do the same nearby.

Step 6: Chest Organization

The best way to organize chests is with including trapped chests. They can sit directly next to regular chests, so when you combine both, you use up all the space possible.

Up against the wall of your space, place a large normal chest. Above that, place another large normal chest. Keep going. Now, next to each normal chest, place a large trapped chest. Go all the way up. Next to the trapped chest, place a large normal chest. Keep going and going an going...

Step 7: Mining Around Lava

So you've come to an underground lava pit. Now, there are two ways to locate all the ores you need:

1- Go around the outside, digging so you are on a solid block next to the lava. Go in a circle, around the whole pit. Make sure to watch the block below you, sometimes there will be a block over lava that you mine, and walk straight into the lava.

2- Place blocks in the lava, and go straight through the middle, bridging over to any ores you may happen upon.

The best way is to combine both, so you have a land ring around the lava and bridges going through.

Step 8: Sword Fighting

This is simple, although it takes practice, skill, and ability to move your fingers quickly to find keys.

Simple against Agressive: Hit the mob. Back up. Rush forward. Hit again.

Simple against passive: Hit. Aim. Hit. Move forward. Hit.

Masterful against agressive: Hit. Move while turning so on different side, yet still facing target. Hit. Keep moving, and face target at all times.

Step 9: Mining the Diamonds You Found

Congrats! You've found diamonds! Wow! You probably want to rush forward and grab them immediately, but WAIT. You are probably gonna get killed. Diamonds are dangerous, man!

Mine around the diamonds until you can see the whole thing from every angle. Block up any lava or caves, and carefully mine them.


Step 10: Archery

When shooting mobs, it is mostly a judgement call, and takes lots of practice. Always aim above the mob, unless they are within 6 blocks of you. Fire up the bow maximum range for most damage, aim above, and fire. Watch the arrow in case it lands short or far, and adjust aim accordingly.

If you hit an aggressive mob that is coming towards you, aim for the same place/slightly lower. If it doesn't move, fire in the same place/a little higher, since the arrow will knock the mob back.

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    5 years ago

    I'm not OK with your step 2

    in fact, you dig 12 blocks and can't see 10 blocks (and a lot of move/come back at the brown area and crossing it again and again)

    In my opinion, an more efficient way is to dig straight for 10 blocks as you do, but don't do the "green cross", come back to the original hallway (or dig 2 blocks on the right side) and 10 blocks again. that way you don't miss any blocks


    Reply 5 years ago

    btw, all the other step are really good hint :)

    (concidering, the egg dropper... i'm not a PETA friend... my chicken only have 1 square to leave XD )


    Reply 5 years ago

    the reason we leave spaces between is because most ores aren't one block wide, so you can cover more ground quickly. There are many ways to mine according to preference, that's just what I've done every time I mine, since I try to cover large amounts of ground in little time since I'm lazy XD your way works well, I bet.


    Reply 5 years ago

    OK, you made a point when you told "most ores aren't one block wide"