Introduction: 10 Ft Outdoor Christmas Light Tree Decoration

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In my neighborhood, houses had 20 ft Christmas trees made out of lights in their front yard during the holiday season. I wanted an affordable version because I was on a budget and couldn't find any good size decor in-store or online. So, using materials I already had and a few store-bought materials, I created one of my own trees. I hope you enjoy this tree as much as I do and without further ado, onto the Instructable!

Step 1: 1) Materials/Parts

  • 2-inch diameter PVC pole, approximately 10 ft tall, painted green, label Part A.
  • 12 tent stakes, Part B.
  • 6 Plastic Gutter/Shingle clips for Christmas String Lights, Part C. Shown in Picture.
  • 4 strands of 200ct GE Multicolor String Lights, Part D.
  • (The link above is just to show you what I got, it was on sale at Lowe's Home Improvement. To be honest any light strand will work but the GE lights work well and last a long time.)
  • A Yellow Star w/ 1 strand of mini lights. Light strand is 2 yards and 5 inches long. The light strand has 20 mini lights on it. Part E.
  • Threaded Metal Pole (Like a screw but just a pole). 1 yard in length(3 feet). Part F.
  • PVC Pole, 1/2" in diameter, 1 yard and a foot in length, Part G.
  • Diagram of Parts attached:

Step 2: 2) Instructions for Support Pole of Tree (Getting the Tree to Stand Upright)

  • First, you need a sledgehammer, a mallet, a good spot in the yard, a yard stick, and the threaded metal pole (Part F) that is 1 yard in length.
  • Second, lay down your materials and pick up the metal pole and the mallet.
  • Third, stand your metal pole upright, on top of your desired location.
  • Fourth, keep a steady hand on the pole and use the mallet to push the pole into the ground.
  • Fifth, once the pole can stand up by itself in the ground, switch the mallet out for the sledgehammer.
  • Sixth, hit the pole into the ground with the sledgehammer, keeping the pole upright. Once the pole is in the ground firmly, measure the pole from the ground up with your yardstick. If the top of the pole to the ground is 23 inches, you're good, proceed to the next step. If not, get the pole to 23 inches from the ground to the top.
  • Seventh, take Part G (PVC pole in 1/2" diameter and 1 yard and 1 ft long), and slide it over the metal pole.
  • Eighth, take Part A (Green, 10 ft tall PVC pole, 2inches in diameter), and slide it over Part G
  • Finally, check diagram with what you have done, if correct, proceed to next part of instructions.

Step 3: 3) Using Plastic Clips for Hooking Up Light to Top of Pole

  • First, you need a ladder (Preferably 8ft tall), and Part C (shingle clips).
  • second, set up the ladder next to the pole.
  • Third, take the clip side of Part C and clip onto the top of the pole. Arrange the 6 clips in symmetry to each other. (Like a clock with 6 hours).
  • Fourth, refer to the diagram for better understanding of how to clip them on.

Step 4: 4) Stake Orientation

  • The stakes (Part B) are placed around the pole like the 12 hours on a clock.
  • First, take four footsteps from the pole outwards and then place a stake down in the ground.
  • Second, look at the diagram because it is extremely hard to explain through words.
  • Third, try to make the pattern resemble the hours on a clock.

Step 5: 5) Hooking Up the Lights

  • First, you will need Part D, a ladder (preferably 8ft tall), and a mallet.
  • Second, take the first light strand and find it's male plug.
  • Third, place the male plug end by a stake that is accessible by an extension cord.
  • Fourth, mallet the stake down to the wire close to the male plug to restrict movement of the wire.
  • Fifth, string the lights to one of the light clips at the top of the pole and hook the wire into the curled part of the clip meant for mini lights. (Refer to diagram for more information).
  • Sixth, String the light strand down to the next stake and mallet the stake to restrict movement of the strand and removing any slack from the line, up to the top of the pole and down to the stake. Refer to diagram for more information.
  • Seventh, run the strand of lights across the ground to the next stake and mallet the stake to restrict movement.
  • Repeat steps 5-7 until you reach the end of the first strand. Then add a new strand and keep repeating until you reach the last stake. Once you have malleted the last stake into the ground, wrap the light strand around the perimeter of the tree, stake to stake, until you run out of lights.

Step 6: 6) Putting on the Star

  • Take the star and in between the parts of the clip that are vertical, push the star into. Then, plug the star into one of the plugs already near the top because of connecting wires to continue the strands. Refer to the diagram for more information.
  • (Any star will do, I made one and you can too, I have not included directions because it is self-explanatory on how to make it. You cut out a star and drill holes for the lights. Glue the lights in with hot glue and boom, you have a star.)
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