Introduction: $10 IPhoneX Wireless Charging Stand

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This is an inexpensive way of making your very own wireless charging stand for your brand new phone!

NB: You phone must have wireless charging (Qi) capability built in to benefit form the charging. If you don't have that it's still a smashing stand!

Step 1: 3D Design and Rendering Workflow

If you're wondering how I created the designs, and rendered them. Have a look at this full tutorial

Step 2: Stuff You Need

  1. A 3D printer
  2. PLA Filament of your choice of colour - (About $5 worth required)
  3. This wireless charging pad or equivalent (About $5)
  4. Gel Super Glue
  5. A small screwdriver
  6. Soldering Iron
  7. 100mm Red and 100mm Black wire

Step 3: Removing the Guts of the Charging Pad

First thing to do is steal the electronics from the charging pad.

The case is just clipped together, use a spatula to gently prise the casing apart.

Undo any screws that may be holding the PCB

Use a sharp knife to cut through the sticky pad holding the coil

Remove it and recycle the wasted case

The coil wires need to be extended by approx. 100mm, so using a soldering iron, de solder the coil from the PCB, add new longer wires as shown. Ensure they're wired the correct way round. Coils and inductors can be quite fussy about where the winding actually begins

Step 4: The Case - Version 1

The first case I designed has a dual purpose. You can charge you iPhone X wirelessly, but also your Apple watch too

Use your existing Apple watch charger and fit it into the space provided. This will press fit so can be removed at a later date

Step 5: The Case - Version 2 (Captain America)

The second version was inspired by a friend of mine. She likes stars, likes Marvel, and it kinda made sense to make a Captain America version for her.

The key difference here is there is no space for the Apple Watch as she is on Android

Step 6: Printing Case 1

Case 1 is made up of 4 pieces

The coil cover, the electronics cover and 2 halves of the main stand

I printed these in white, but you can pick whatever you like

Print at

0.3mm layer height

15% infil

Heated bed (if you have one) 45degrees

Blue tape for build adhesion

Step 7: Printing Case 2

For case 2 , there are a couple of ways to go about it

For the main stand, it is one solid piece, and can be printed with supports on it's side. In this case it is blue

The shield can be printed in 3 separate smaller prints with you changing the filament each time

1 for white

1 for blue

1 for red

This is a little time consuming, and if you don't have a multi head extruder, the this way will work fine. once done you just superglue the parts together

The other was would be to print all the pieces at once, if you're lucky enough to have a mosaic palette (splices the filament together) or a multihead 3D printer

Either way, the result is splendid!

Step 8: Assembly

The assembly instructions are the same for but models. only the colour is different

Firstly, you will need to desolder you wires from the PCB.

Post the wires through the slot at the front under the coil hole

Pull the wires through

You can now resolder the wires to your PCB.

The PCB is mounted with 1 screw holding it in place (this came from the wireless charger pad)

Once in place, apply a few dots of glue on the round laminate (the grey metal thing) and secure it in place

Do the same for the wires underneath too. This will help to make it more robust

Once done, add a few dabs of glue on the shield / Disc and glue that onto the coil.

The final step is to glue the bottom cover in place, protecting all the hardware

Step 9: Thats It!

When you place your iPhone X or Qi compatible phone on the stand, it will begin charging! Handy!

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