Introduction: 10-Minute Cell Phone Holder

          Over the past few weeks, I have seen a few 10 minute Instructables. I figured, why not make my own? So, here it is! A ten minute cell phone holder. I first came up with this idea when I observed my lonely Samsung cell phone sitting on my bedside table, I decided that it needed a friend. However, since I was a tad lazy, I decided to turn this into a ten minute Instructable. Enjoy! :)  

Step 1: Materials

The materials listed can probably be found around your house:

A Cell Phone: This will be the willing target for this project. 

Cardboard: You will need a moderate amount for the body of the holder. I recommend corrugated cardboard. 

A Ruler: This will be used for measuring the cardboard. You will need about a minimum of about 5 inches. 

A Glue Gun: This will be used for gluing the pieces of cardboard together.

A Pencil: We will need this to make the marks on our cardboard. 

Scissors: This will be used for cutting up the cardboard. You may want to use scissors stronger than the ones shown in the picture. 

Makers, Paint, Decorations etc. (optional): If you wish to decorate your holder, have some colors handy. 

Liquid Glue (optional): If you don't have a hot glue gun, liquid glue makes a fine substitute.

Step 2: Measure Your Phone

Materials need for this step:
-A Ruler
-Your Cell Phone

          Take your ruler and measure your phone. Make sure that you measure the height and the length of the phone. Write down the dimensions. With the dimensions from your cell phone, make a cardboard rectangle (or square) depending on the size of your phone. I also decided to cover my cardboard in white.  

Step 3: Make the Squares

Materials needed for this step:
-A ruler
-A pencil  

         Take some more cardboard and make Three 2.5 inch by 2.5 squares. These will be used for the base the the arms of your holder. Follow the same steps you used when making first rectangle (or square) to make these pieces. You will now need to make one last cardboard piece. Make one 2.5 inch by 1 inch rectangle. If you are having any problems, observe the pictures. 

Step 4: Assemble the Holder

Materials needed for this step:
-Glue Gun or Liquid Glue
-All of your cardboard pieces
-Decorations (optional) 

          To start the assembly, take your three 2.5 inch by 2.5 squares and glue them together. Set one piece on the ground which will act as the base and glue the other two to it's side to act as the arms. Now, take your cardboard piece that you make when you measured your phone and glue it on the back of the arms. Finally, take your final piece and glue it to the front of the sides. This is the side opposite of the back piece.

          Well, there you go! Your all finished! Now your cell phone will never be lonely again. So try making this simple yet effective cell phone holder!