Introduction: 10 Minute Dog Collar

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Don't feel like spending $60 for a custom dog collar? Make one for free—in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

What you'll need:
  • Dog
  • Old belt
    • The kind with extra holes all the way to the end will be fastest, but if you choose a different kind, all you have to do is add more holes where they need to be.
    • Most belts have a relatively standard width and buckle size that's more appropriate for medium or large dogs, but there are thinner ones out there that would work for the little ones.
    • You'll want to make sure the one you choose doesn't have a buckle with sharp edges, and that it's not bulky enough to cause any discomfort.
    • The metal loop that the end of the belt tucks into should be thin enough to accommodate the snap hook of your leash, but strong enough that it won't come loose if your dog pulls. If it's too snug for free movement, you should be able to get something (like a small carabiner) at a hardware store for a dollar.
  • Sharpie, marker or pen
    • To show where you need to cut.
  • Scissors
    • For cutting it to size.
  • Leatherman or pair of pliers (optional)
    • For reattaching the tip. Not necessary if you choose a different kind of belt, or like it better without anything at the end.

Step 2: Put It On

If you chose something that doesn't have pre-made holes extending all the way to the end, this is where you'll need to check, mark, and make the holes in order to put it on.

Otherwise, just slip it on as if you were putting on a standard collar.

Step 3: Make the Mark

Make sure there's a little leeway so you can adjust it (either way) if you need to, then mark where you're going to cut.

Note: You should always be able to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog.

Step 4: Make the Cut

Cut where you made the mark.

Step 5: Remove the End Piece (or Not)

If you chose the kind of belt shown here, you can remove the end piece from the other part of the belt - using a Leatherman, screwdriver, or pliers - to reattach it to the collar later, but unless it's a material that frays or unravels easily, it's not really necessary.

Feel free to skip this step, or come up with your own way of finishing the tip.

Step 6: Attach the End Piece (or Not)

Attach the end piece to the new end of the collar.

Or skip this step/insert your own here.

Step 7: Take Lots of Pictures of Your Dog Being Cute

...but don't show them to everyone - all the time - because no one cares nearly as much as you do. Shocking, I know. How could they not, right? Look at that face.