Introduction: 10 Minute Lacrosse Shaft (Wood)

This Instructable shows a easy way to make a wooden lacrosse shaft. With this you can make heavy shafts out of dense wood for shooting practice, make decorative sticks to show off, or make one just to use because you bent your shaft at practice and you are waiting for you new fancy shaft to come in the mail.

Step 1: Find a Fitting Piece of Wood.

This step is simple: find a piece of wood that is a little larger than 30"x1 1/16"x7/8". The finished product will be 30x1 1/16"x7/8(you can adjust the length of the shaft to your liking but standard sticks are between 30" and 32") If you want your stick to be legal the length of the shaft and head combined has to be between 40" and 42" and the circumference of the shaft can not exceed 3.5"

Step 2: Cut to Length.

Use a chop saw to cut the piece of wood you chose to the desired length. I cut my piece of wood to 30"

Step 3: Cut to Width.

If you have a time saver machine cut your wood using a table saw to 1 1/8"x1" if you do not have a time saver cut to 1 1/16"x7/8".

Step 4: Time Saver

Use the time saver to take the wood down to 1 1/16"x7/8" using about 100 grit paper. If you want you can finish it with a higher grit paper.

Step 5: Add Angles.

To add the 45 degree angles I used a jointer, you somewhat have to eye it but if you are careful you can have a symmetrical shaft. If you do not have a jointer you can use a router with a 45 degree cutting bit.

Step 6: Finish the Shaft

Drill a hole that is the correct size for the screw you are using to hold your head on. I put my head on and drilled through the hole to make sure they lined up correctly. After that you can sand, add stain, lacquer, oil, polish, burn, or paint to your hearts content.