Introduction: 10 Minute Leather Watch Strap Loop Repair

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My watch strap loop on my watch broke so instead of going with the usual duct-tape folded wrap fix I decided to make something a little more durable and classy.

Step 1: Dyeing the Leather

I used a vinegar + steel wool solution called "vinegaroon" to turn the leather black. This was for a Kindle case I was making but a piece of the scrap worked perfectly. I oiled the leather with neatsfoot oil and then sealed it with an aerosol finish.

Step 2: Sizing the Loop

It was tricky to leave enough slack to get it over the clasp and leave enough space for the strap but not enough to allow it to slide off.

Step 3: A Riveting Moment...

I decided it would be easiest to set the rivet before putting it on the band so I put the anvil inside the band.

Step 4: Its a Little Loopy

Done! The only downside to the leather is that its best to avoid getting it wet (which is antithetical to the G-Shock ideal) but it's holding up well and fits the style. It took about 10 minutes (minus the dyeing time) to go from start to finish. Hope ya enjoyed it, cheers!

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