Introduction: 10 Minute Ply-Wood Frame Made at TechShop

Ply-wood Frame

4 pieces of ply-wood
Table saw (TechShop)
Chop Saw (TechShop)
Wood Glue
Nail Gun
Scrap wood
Clamp (TechShop)
Tape (all I had was packing tape)
Hammer and nail punch

I took this trick from my landlord... thanks.

Step 1:

I found 4 pieces of scrape wood in the sreap bin. Looked to make sure that one side of the board was flat and ripped them down to about 1 3/4 inches on the table saw. 

Next I took out the riving knife and raised the blade to the about 1 inches high. Running the board vertical thru the blade making a rabbit cut, repeat with all four boards. If you don’t feel comfortable running your hands over the blade you can use a push stick. But use a push stick that has a longer surface area. Like seen in the picture above.

Lower the blade to the height of the top of the cut that you just made and move over the fence to the end of the rabbit cut. Run the board thru, you will have a board that looks like that letter L.

Step 2: Cutting Miters on the Chop Saw

Mark the length that you are going to want your boards cut too. Set the saw to 45 degrees. I made a square frame, so all the sides are the same length.  Set up your block with a small piece of scrap wood and a clamp. Remembering that when using a stop block, you hold the material on the side of the stop block. Cut the miters. When you cutting the miters, beware of how the miters are being cut. I have cut a few miters the wrong way.

Step 3: Glue Up

Lay out the boards in the order that you want them, so when you fold them, you have your box. Add tape to the exterior of the box leaving a little grab so the tape can fold over. Glue the miters keeping the glue nearer the exterior of the box. It is easier to sand the exterior then the interior, if the glue spills over. I prefer to use masking tape or painters tape but all I could find at the time was packing tape  "make do".

Step 4: Nail Gun

The tapes this going to help the hold the frame in place as you nail gun the counters. With the nail gun and 3/4 nails shoot two in to each counter to the frame. I put one on each side to the counter.
If the nail are sticking out a little take a nail punch and hammer and set them. . As the glue is drying, I make the backing piece for the frame.

Step 5: Backing Board

Measure the inside of the frame that the backer board needs to be cut down too. On the table saw set the fence to the correct length. Since the frame that I made was a square I’m going to leave the fence at the same spot and flip the Masonite 90 degrees and cut. Yes I do know that this is a cross cut, but I’m comfortable making this cut. If you are not comfortable making this cut on the table saw, you can cut it down on the chop saw.

Drop the Masonite into the back of the frame; add a scrap piece to act as the glass. With point driver and ½ inch finishing nails add the nails in the back the frame. This keeps the glass and backing board in place.

Step 6: The Frame Is Done

Now your 10 minute frame is done.
You leave as is or paint the frame, I like the look of the lines going around the frame edge.