Introduction: 10-Minute Pocket Idea Book

Need a spot for jotting down all your great ideas? This handy book can be made in less than ten minutes with some recycled cardboard and paper. Grab some glue and get started!

Kids love making this book and drawing all their favorite things inside. My 5 year old can make these!

I make kits for larger books:

Step 1: Collect 5 Items

You will need:
cardboard from the recycle bin
paper cutter (you can also use a straight edge, pencil and scissors)
one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock
glue stick
rubber band

Now find a clean work space.

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

Cut the cardboard into two 2' squares.

Step 3: Cut the Card Stock

Cut the card stock into three 4" squares.

Step 4: Fold the Inside Pages of Your Idea Book

Take one of the 4" squares. Fold in half. You might want to use the back of your glue stick to press a nice crease on each of your folds. Open, rotate 90 degrees and fold in half again. Open, flip over (like a pancake) and fold on the diagonal. Open up to a 4' square.
Repeat these three folds with the other two squares.

Step 5: Arrange the Inside Pages

Set the pages in a row. Turn the pages 45 degrees. Flip the center page over to be opposite of the other pages.

Step 6: Glue the Pages Together

Take the center page (the one we just flipped over) and glue both the left and right (uncreased) squares. Be sure to glue to the edges, but not over.

Step 7:

Press the under side of a (uncreased) square from the right page onto the glued square of the center page.
Repeat using the left page, covering the glue on the square of the center page. (First image)
This is how it will look when you are done. (Second image)

Step 8: Attach the Cover of the Book

Fold up the book into a 2 inch square. The book opens at the top right hand corner. (First image)
Glue the top of the folded pages. (Second image)
Attach the cardboard cover. Be sure to keep your cardboard design oriented correctly. (Third image)
Attach a rubber band around the outside. Let the glue dry for a minute or so. You can also set it under some books to rest while you clean up.

Step 9: Looks Great!

Nice work! Take a look at the finished idea book.

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