10 Mobile Growth Hacks That Will Increase Your App Growth in 2016

Introduction: 10 Mobile Growth Hacks That Will Increase Your App Growth in 2016

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Growth hacking for mobile apps? Ouch! Mobile App Growth is Tactical!

It’s simple to build an app. But it’s harder to market one.

Working as a mobile app marketing evangelist with WeDigTech, a mobile app development company in India. I am constantly testing, optimizing and soaking up new marketing strategy, tricks and techniques in order to market a mobile app. The main aim of this hustle and bustle is to increase app revenue, engagement and app downloads.

There are numerous articles over the web with full of marketing techniques but do not provide the actual and useful marketing strategy. Some app owner spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing but still not getting real outcomes such as downloads and revenue generation.

If you really want to know the truth, you truly need vision, budget, patience and a strong planning in order to grow your mobile app. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you’ll probably fail to reach out at your potential customers.

Recently I grew one of my client’s app from 20,000 to 200,000 users in three months. Not bad, huh? And it wasn't the first time I did it.

With my experience I have few mobile growth hacks that will increase your app growth like a rocket lunch in this highly competitive mobile market. These app-specific hacks are viable options and can ensure consistent growth.

Why Should App Marketers Invest Into In-App Growth Hacks?

There are 89% mobile apps account of media time and consumers spend 85% of their time on apps, only 5 apps see heavy usage! Report by Techcrunch and Nielsen.

These statics shows that your app may have a petite window for making a big impact on today’s audience. In-app growth hacks will ensure meaningful engagement with your app

In this article, I’ve tried to explore uncomplicated yet effective growth hacks.

Rub your Eye Balls.

Growth Hack #1: Personalized Onboarding
Personalized Onboarding increases conversion by 78%. This is the simplest way of gearing a user’s interest and attention. It can be implemented in various ways, starting with the personalized welcome screen to personalized content. You can choose one that best define your potential customers.

Growth Hack #2: Push Notifications
It increase conversion by 54% of users who clicked on a segmented push notification converted. This is another simple yet effective growth hack that can be set up in a matter of minutes! According to a study by Localytics, Push notification supports 88% more app lunches and downloads.

Growth Hack #3: In-App Messages
It drive 3.5x higher user retention amongst users. It’s a versatile growth hack and can be used in numerous ways. Right from sharing tips and tricks to other relevant information, In-app messaging won’t disappoint you as a marketer. If you know how to use it effectively and intelligently.

Growth Hack #4: Content Sharing within the App:
Content sharing increase instant engagement with mobile application users. Having a share menu which can facilitate content sharing from within the app is a must have growth hack. It has the ability to increase engagement instantly. Pocket app is a great example for it.

Growth Hack #5: Social Logins:
Social login decreases friction associated with app registration and login process. We all know millions of users today are hooked on to social channels. Using social channels facilitates on boarding and decreases friction associated with it. It also gives respite to users from remembering numerous passwords.

Growth Hack #6: In-App Referrals:
Statics shows that 38% of all apps are discovered via word of mouth publicity. In-app referrals provide a sense of exclusivity to app users. Blending In-app referrals with incentive can boost app downloads significantly? Apps like Uber and other have leveraged this growth tack to the fullest.

Growth Hack #7: Cross Channel Marketing:
I advise you must use it! Remember the time when you browsed a particular movie on your Netflix app and Voila you were notified when it was on discount via push notification? That’s cross channel marketing for you! By tapping the right data around user behaviour, app marketers can provide a user centred approach to its user making it an ideal growth hack.

Growth Hack #8: Asking for Ratings the Right Way:
Ask for review, rating and customer feedback at the right time. Customer opinions are a great way to boost an app’s growth, however asking reviews should be done in a legit manner. A great lesson can be learned from, how Circa app implemented it.

Growth Hack #9: Contextual Deep-Linking:
It allows users to share links to specific content within the app. Contextual deep-linking enables app marketers to bring in users directly to the specific location within their app by using a dedicated link. This tends to increase app conversions and installs.

Growth Hack #10: App Co-Integration/ Leverage
Leverage other apps to increase visibility. Sharing an Instagram image on twitter is not a tough task! App Co-Integration can help mobile apps in achieving accelerated growth. This growth hack ensures stickiness to your app.

Final Words:
WeDigTech can help you in grow your business with great apps growth hack. We are the expert in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Marketing on all platform. We have made several mobile apps that were downloaded by millions users. I hope these hacks will help you. Write us about your growth hack.

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