10 Second Hammer, Make a Homemade Hammer for CHEEP




Introduction: 10 Second Hammer, Make a Homemade Hammer for CHEEP

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Well, you're in your house and need a hammer. Wait, you left your hammer at work! What could you do? Yes, you could use a screw-driver to hammer it, orrrrr, you could use a nifty home made hammer! You could make one in 5 seconds if you follow these directions, you could be hammering away! (This project was crafted out of boredom. It might be bad or not cool or any other thing! I made this on a 12 hr. trip and I might post more.) you can also make this into a kit to carry around with you, please vote for it! :)

Step 1: Materials

You'll need two tools/objects! 1. 5/16 wrench 2. Carabiner Simple! Lets start out building it now!

Step 2: Assemble!

Push in the lever of the carabiner and put the closed end over the lever. After you complete that, close the lever.

Step 3: Tighten

Now it is time to make it a hammer, push the wrench up the carabiner until it hits where the lever latches. Try to pull the lever back, if it doesn't move, you've done it right! If you can move the lever, fit it where you can't move it. Once you do that hit the hammer against carpet or something soft. If it moves, readjust it where it doesn't! This is a light hammer for small nails and soft surfaces. I am not responsible for any injuries or damages to property!! Please comment and give me your feedback! Thanks!

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    9 years ago

    You wouldn't want to know how many things I've made and it burned me, poked me, or electrocuted me! This was one of the things on the "safe side"


    9 years ago

    This seems like a great way to injure yourself.