Introduction: 10 Simple Items for Houses

Follow these few steps and figure out how to do things that you never thought you could build!

Step 1: Making a Simple Computer Step 1: Place a Jukebox

Put a jukebox against a wall.

Step 2: Get a Pressure Plate

Get a pressure plate of your choice and place it on top of the jukebox.

Step 3: (Optional) Get a Chest

Get a chest or shulker box and place disc in it. Just pop one in every now and then! Enjoy!

Step 4: Simple Floor Lamp Step 1: the Base

Get a fence of your choice and put it where ever desired.

Step 5: Step 2: the Light

Now, get a redstone lamp and place it on top of the fence.

Step 6: Step 3: the Switch

Now put a lever on the side of the lamp and switch it on. Now with this creative light, you can turn off your lamp when you go to bed!

Step 7: The Simple Crib Step 1: Place the Bed

Place a bed with your choice of color where ever desired.

Step 8: Step 2: Place Walls and Entrance

Place walls around the bed and put a gate on any side. Now you have a crib that is comfortable and not too big.

Step 9: A Simple Trampoline Step 1: the Base

Place 6x6 blocks on the floor.

Step 10: Step 2: (Continued) the Base

In the middle of the base, replace the middle of your base with 'Slime Block'.

Step 11: Step 3: the Net

On the base, place any color of your desire pane 4x4 on top of the base.

Step 12: Step 4: the Entrance

To make the entrance, just break four panes, side by side. Now you have a very bouncy trampoline!

Step 13: The Simple Bath Tub Step 1: the Base

Get 'Quartz Stairs' and put them 5x4. Make sure you put the back of the stairs on the outside. (If your having trouble to understand this than take a look at the picture, it might help.)

Step 14: Step 2: a Step Up

Get a stair or slab and put it against your bath's base.

Step 15: Step 3: the Water

Just get a water bucket and empty it out into your tub. You now have a tub so you take the best, bubbliest, warmest bath ever!

Step 16: The Simple Fish Tank Step 1: the Base

Place 4x4 blocks on the ground. Fill in the middle and the remaining sides.

Step 17: Step 2: the Pane

Put blue pane around the base of the fish tank. Make sure to put two stacked on top of each other. (Again if this is hard to understand take a peek at the picture!)

Step 18: Step 3: the Top

Just like the first step, make 4x4 blocks on the top of the panes.

Step 19: Step 4: Break a Hole

Break a hole big enough for you to get in your fish tank. Walk in.

Step 20: Step 5: Barriers

ALERT: You cannot do this step is you don't have cheats!

If you have cheats, type the command, /give @p barrier and a barrier will pop into your inventory. Place the barrier where you want your fish tank decorations to be.

Step 21: Step 6:(Optional) Decorations

For decorations you can put vines on the barriers. Also, so it can look like an actual fish tank, you can add the most important part, the fish! Put a fish, clownfish, salmon, or pufferfish on a item frame. Walk out and put the panes back. Now you have a fish tank (With fish in it!) that doesn't hold actual water but looks quite real!

Step 22: The Simple Sofa Step 1: the Chair

First get a stair, the wood type of your choice, and put them around you. (Look at the picture if this is hard to understand, it might help you.)

Step 23: Step 2: (Optional) Carpet

This sofa looks best with carpet under it. You can simply just put carpet around it but you can also put terracotta. (Minecraft 1.12) In my opinion it looks best with orange terracotta block under it. Now you have a very comfortable and nice sofa. Enjoy!

Step 24: The Simple Dresser Step 1: the Base

For the base just place 4 blocks (First 2 in a line and then the next 2 on top of the first) wherever you want your dresser to be. (Again, look at the picture if this is hard to understand)

Step 25: Step 2: Buttons

Add four buttons wooden or stone to your dresser.

Step 26: Step 3: (Optional) Detail

For more detail, you can put iron or normal trapdoors on top.

Step 27: Simple Small Garden Step 1: the Base

For the base of the small garden put 2 grass blocks side by side.

Step 28: Step 2: Place Trapdoors

Place trapdoors all around the grass blocks.

Step 29: Step 3: Place the Flowers

Place any type of flowers in the garden. ('Pink Tulips' are shown in the picture) You now have a small garden that is great for the front lawn and doesn't take up much space.

Step 30: Simple Queen Bed Step 1: the Base

Place the wood of your choice slabs 4x4 on the ground. (Do not fill in the middle!) Add 1 more slab to all of the corners.

Step 31: Step 2: the Stands

Place 2 stacked fences on the corners.

Step 32: Step 3: Place the Roof and Light

Place slabs on the top of the fences. Go all around just like you did for the base. You can fill in the middle or follow these few steps. ---> (Optional) Now, you can place 4 'Red stone Lamps' in the "roof" of your bed. You can put levers on the top of the lights and turn them off when it's bedtime or when your just turning off some lights.

Step 33: Step 4: the Bed

Place any color of your choice beds in the middle of the base. You have now completed the Simple Queen Bed which is fit for 2 and also, fit for a queen.

Step 34: The End

Great Job on completing the 10 Simple Items! Now, you can share these ideas with everyone! Thank You very much, enjoy!

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