Introduction: 10 Simple Steps for Making a Duct Tape Wallet

Follow these ten steps to create a duct tape wallet.
Please read each step fully before you begin. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Xacto knife (or similar tool)
2. Scissors
3. Ruler
4. Sharpie or pen
5. Duct tape
6. 3x5 notecard
7. Cardboard

Step 2: Get Started

Cut one inch off of the width of your 3x5 notecard, making it a 3x4 notecard.

Step 3: Cut Out Cardboard for Your Wallet

Trace your now 3x4 notecard onto your cardboard twice, and cut out tracings with your Xacto knife. 
Use the straight edges and corners of your cardboard to save yourself time and energy while cutting out these two pieces. 

Step 4: Cover and Connect Your Cardboard

Lay the two pieces of cardboard next to each other and cover both sides in duct tape, leaving half an inch gap between the two pieces of cardboard for a crease. 

Use your tape to connect the pieces of cardboard so that the gap can be used as a folding crease. 

Carefully fold the tape over the edges so that you have a smooth surface after the tape has been laid. 

Step 5: Start Creating a Pocket for Cash

Cut three strips of tape two inches wider than the length of your wallet.

Lay them lengthwise over each other so the created rectangle is about one inch taller than your wallet. You should have one long piece of tape that is about 4 inches tall and 10.5 inches long. 

Step 6: Continue Working on the Pocket

Cut two strips of tape that are the same length as your wallet.

Connect these strips together as in the last step so they are about the same height as your wallet as well.

Once you have these pieces together attach them to the strip of tape you made in step 5. It should be centered left and right, but placed at the top of the piece made in step 5.

Step 7: Attach the Cash Pocket

Lay the covered cardboard onto the covered portion of the tape rectangle.

Fold the excess tape around the edges of the covered cardboard. This will create a pocket that is not sticky.

Step 8: Begin Credit Card Holders

Lay out three strips of tape two inches longer than the length of your wallet.

Lay them so they overlap each other and are about an inch taller than your wallet. You should have one long piece of tape that is about 4 inches tall and 10.5 inches long.

Step 9: Continue Creating Your Credit Card Holders

Center your wallet above your strips of tape. You will notice that you have space for a credit card on both sides of your wallet.

To prevent your credit card from sticking to the pocket, place two strips of duct tape the length of one half of your wallet sticky side down and aligned with each half of your wallet. 

Step 10: Attach the Credit Card Pockets

Place a card you may want to carry in your wallet next to the tape rectangle, aligning it with the top.

Using this for reference, lay the wallet, pocket side down, with the bottom aligned with the bottom of your card.

Fold and stick the edges and the center over the crease. This will create two pockets for cards.

After completing this step you have successfully made a new duct tape wallet!