10 Custom Greeting Cards for $2



Introduction: 10 Custom Greeting Cards for $2

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You probably agree that nothing beats a custom greeting card when presented to your loved ones or anyone else for that matter. It is so much more personal and most people would really appreciate it. Here I show you how to create a set of 10 greetings cards for only $2!

You can create these greeting cards fairly rapidly depending on how quickly you can draw. The idea came to me when I was shopping in the Dollar Tree store today and I got thinking that this would make perfect custom greeting cards and also to get my drawing skills up!

The picture shows one of the drawings that I did and you can easily add your own message below it. I suggest that you use a black marker for the message. Here is what you need...

Step 1: Cards and Tools Needed to Create Your Own Personal Greeting Cards

The cards I picked up are shown in the pictures which are about 5x4 inches and contain the image shown. Once you open the package and flip the cards inside out, you get blank pieces to do your drawing and message. How cool is that, beats the image on the card!

The other items you need are of course the drawing tools and these are also shown. I found the red, green, blue yellow markers for $1 in the same store and the pencil and charcoal pencils I had lying around. You could use colored pencils but I thought I would use these sets and constrain my drawing only to these set of tools.

What a perfect way to improve my drawing skills as well as create greeting cards I can give to people without having to shop around for it! And all for $2.

Step 2: Drawings for the Greeting Cards

To be honest with you, I had no idea what I was going to draw on the cards and thought I would just put down what I knew and was practicing on. I really love painting and drawing and want to improve as much as I could, so I have been habitually following youtube on instructions and watching other artists. That is how I learnt much and also practicing myself and I haven't been painting and drawing that long too.

The subjects I picked were apples, eyes and landscape which were all done with the drawing items I showed you earlier. You can experiment here and draw whatever you want, I just picked what I liked to draw. You could even draw abstracts as I did here.

You will probably agree with me that the cards will make for a very nice greeting card to anyone!

Just pop over to your local dollar store and have fun and save money too!

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