15 Minute D.I.Y. 4 Different Duct Tape Mini Notebook/mini Quote Art Journal

Introduction: 15 Minute D.I.Y. 4 Different Duct Tape Mini Notebook/mini Quote Art Journal

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Duct tape crafts are very easy to make.they are easy and time friendly.Today I have created 4 different mini notebook.Notebooks are useful for our daily life.My exams are coming and I need some of them for motivation and for revision.I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Materials- 1.Duct Tapes of Different Colours 2.Papers 3.sewing Thread 4.covering Papers You Like 5.scissor 6.buttons(optional)

you can add additional things like colorful ribbons,buttons etc for more fun!

Step 2: 2.Start With Placing the Papers and Covering Paper Together and Sew Them Tightly.

Step 3: 3.For Easy Crafting,you Can Staple Them.

Step 4: 4.Covering the Staple Site by Duct Tape

Now,cover the staple site by tapes effectively.

Step 5: 5.Your Mini Notebook Is Ready!

Step 6: 6.Now for the Second Mini Notebook,You Have to Cut Papers in Square Size.

Put any kind of wrapping paper on it and staple at one end.here,I used hard organization paper.

Step 7: 7.use Duct Tape and Second Notebook Is Ready!

here,I have accessorized it with white ribbon to give a cute fashionable look!

Step 8: 8.I Used Button to Give the First Notebook a Different Makeover.

here,I have shown how to sew button,then use duct tape to fix the thread and finally make a loop for fixing button...

Step 9: 9.Now Make the Third Notebook With Multiple Colourful Pages and Using Duct Tape of 2 Different Color

Step 10: 10.Make the 4th Notebook Like the 2nd One.

here I used wrapping paper.

Step 11: Final Products Are These Cute 4 Different Mini Notebooks!

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