Introduction: 10-minute IPad Teleprompter

I made this teleprompter for a video shoot when I realized we did not have a teleprompter available. I made it in about 15 minutes which includes scavenging for materials. So actual building was probably under 10 min.

glass sheet from an overhead projector
styrofoam block (I used a piece from a mac pro box)
sheet of fabric

Utility knife

First I used a utility knife to cut strips into the styrofoam for the glass. I then angled the glass at a 45 degree angle and shoved it into place. I then cut a hole for the tripod head to fit through so the foam would rest on the legs (hindsight - probably easier before shoving the glass in). I took the arm off the tripod and shoved the head through. I re-attached the arm and used it to hold the back of the styrofoam down as the front has a great deal more weight. I put the camera on the tripod and adjusted the height to where I needed it. I cut a scrap piece of material to lay over the camera and attached the top edge with scotch tape. 

I used an iPad with teleprompter software for the script and laid it on the styrofoam block. This worked quite well for the hour long shoot.

Many improvements could be made on this, but It worked when I only had 20 minutes before the shoot started.