Introduction: 10 Minutes Keychain With Small Pockets

My brother starts to play guitar and I think a way to carry picks, so I made him a prototype.

Sorry for only put a photo of finished instructable, but it is so simply


You will need:

  • Supplys:
    • A piece of bike inner tube
    • A key ring
    • Office Staples
  • Tools:
    • Office Stapler
    • Scissors
    • Xacto knife or something sharp
    • Optionally a hole puncher.



The photo maybe is enought. bu it will explain it. ( The coin is for size reference ;) )

Cut inner tube to desired length.

Put 3 staples, one top, one down and one mid, I left a bit of space at top to make the hole for key ring.

Next do the hole, with hole puncher is faster and cleaner.

Make two cuts to put things inside, I will put guitar picks.

Now only last to insert the key ring et voila.

Posibble upgrades:

Instead of staples, you can sew it with some nice thread, or use rivets.

In ends of cuts you can make another hole with hole puncher to prevent tears or rips.

I hope you enjoy it.