Introduction: 10-watt Jazz Tube Amp Build

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Documenting the process of making a Vacuum Tube Jazz Amp.

Sharing some insights into how it all goes down.

Step 1:

Step 2: Choosing Components

how to choose Power Transformer, Output Transformer, Preamp and Output tubes.

Step 3: Writing Out the First Draft of the Schematic 

Step 4: Writing the 2nd Draft

In this video we'll be going over the 2nd Draft of the schematic for the Jazz Tube amp Build. To this point there have been many modifications. The Next step will be to Build a SPICE model and determine the component values.

Step 5: Simulating the Circuit in SPICE

Step 6: Finalizing the Parts

Step 7: Unboxing the Parts

Parts Unboxing Video

Step 8: How to Layout Amplifier

Some important considerations to make when laying out an amplifier