Introduction: 100 000 Volt Flyback Setup

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so i am one of those people who want's high voltage but don't have the buck's to buy one of those expensive neon sign transformers so i stumbled on to one of this guy's idea on how to build a simple flyback driver with a cfl ligt i hope he will forgive me for kind of steeling this idea but with his idea i have upgraded it to be a lot more powerful tanx

Step 1:

what you will need is a flyback transformer a cfl ligt and thats it 

Step 2:

that's what  we want but be careful when you remove it it might have a bit of a charge that will kick you

Step 3:

now you must find a cfl light the bigger the better but a small one will also work but poor results 

Step 4:

you will also need 2 florecent tubes any type will do 

Step 5:

ones you have the electric ballast you will see there are 4 wires connected to the tube you can remove theme so that you only have the ballest

Step 6:

connect these 2 to one tube and the other to the other tube. then the 2 pins at the end of the tub becomes one 

Step 7:

so now that you have 2 wires they must enter the flyback i will show you what pins is in and what's out. the only reason why i use these tubes is because they prevent spikes 

Step 8:

those are the 3 input pins the output pin is easy to find just swoop over the other pins with the thick red wire it will arg. so now you will ask how the fu`k can that be 100 000volts you must now put a nother  flyback on the output of the first with a spark gap good luck