Introduction: 100% Ducktape Hammock/Bridge/Stretcher

YOU can build this multi-functional Hammock/Bridge/Stretcher completely out of duck-tape, nothing else

Step 1: Step One.

Get some ducktape and find four trees in a rectangle shape (I used bamboo trees). I used 7 roles of ducktape for mine but it really depends on how far apart your trees are. Start wrapping the tree at about waist level to start the project.

Step 2: Step Two.

Make a rectangular frame using Ducktape around the four trees you selected. Double wrap the tape for strength and make sure to make the corner supports VERY strong by wrapping them multiple times(think of a turnbuckle in a boxing ring and its design).

Step 3: Step Three.

After you finish your frame, make diagonal lines going from each corner making an "X". Make cross supports as you see in the photo.

Step 4: Step Four.

Starting at one end, wrap the main structure so it becomes skinnier as you get to the middle. this will be your main center support for your hammock

Step 5: Step Five.

Once you're finished wrapping, it should look like a giant's diaper! Now add another rectangular frame around the whole structure (these will be your side rails) and make sure to double wrap the tape again.

Step 6: Step Six.

Start from the middle and wrap the tape around the structure towards both ends, making sure to hold the side rails as far away from the original 'diaper' support so that you are able to make it wide enough to lay in./stand on. It will naturally want to buckle towards the center, but don't let it. Then give the camera two thumbs up (:

Step 7: Step Seven.

Double check and re-wrap the corners to make sure they're strong enough to hold you. Relax after a hard day of duck taping in your new hammock/bridge/stretcher!

Step 8: Step Eight.

If you needed to use this as a bridge over a small river, you can now walk across it! Or if you needed a stretcher, cut it off the trees at the corners.

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