Introduction: 100% Recycled Li-ion and Li-po Battery Charger

I'm gonna show you how, with a solder iron and some electrical tape and two hours, I turned two defunct electronic toys into full function, high end lithium ion battery chargers!

Try not to notice too much of the blur :-(
Both my real cameras are out on loan, so this was done with harsh technique.
a palm treo650, and a hand held magnifying glass.

When I get more "scrap" bluetooths and cameras, and have my multi-mega-pixel back... I'll add some clearer pictures. I promise. If you remind me :-)

Step 1: Bluetooth Headset to Li-ion Charger

How you disassemble your bluetooth headset will depend on your model.
I used a Jabra that would drop phone connections at random intervals(VERY annoying).
My Jabra 150 is almost identical to the Jabra 350.

Step 2:

Since Haraisuru did such a good job here I'll let that work stand.
But, to be fair, I'll include a few of my own images

Step 3:

Let the modding begin!
I'll begin with the main body.
The goal is to move the battery external, and still be able to
hook it up for charging.

Step 4:

And now for the Battery itself.

Step 5:

Camera Battery charger.
This one was fun, as the $1 throwaway camera had an even better battery than the bluetooth.
Li-po battery to boot.
Turns out that after the thing is apart, it's even easier to mod.

Step 6:

Camera to charger in a few easy steps.

Step 7: The Step Where YOU Get to Help ME ;-)

Besides making my stash of white and Blue LEDs light up in remote locations, what else to do with these med-low capacity batteries?

oh ;-) I see a new pocket-sized instuctable contest is running.
Self-serving interest demands that, If you like my work,
then I have to ask you to consider voting for me.
I could use a new leatherman.
the one featured in my pictures has a snapped blade tip.
Speaks to the character of those tools, that it's STILL my favorite
utility blade, even with the tip missing.

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