Introduction: 100% Recycled Pencil Case/bits and Bobs Bag

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This is a 100% recycled pencil case/bits and bobs bag made from fused plastic bags and a scavenged zipper. I was originally inspired to use the plastic fusing technique by this instructable by amandaggogo which shows you how to make a wallet out of plastic bags.

Step 1: What You Will Need


Plastic clean and dry bags at least 2 one for the material and one to decorate(the thick ones not the ones that are all crinkly that you get at the market)

Baking parchment

A scavenged zipper I used 9 inch


Sewing machine

Iron + ironing board

Stanley knife and or scissors


Step 2: Iron the Bags

Between two sheets of baking parchment iron your plastic bags separately on the wool setting.if the plastic is thicker or more than two layers at the top or the bottom cut them off to stop shrinking uniformly. if your bag is quite thin you can put a third layer of plastic bag inside the original bag. make sure that you Iron towards the opening of the bag to avoid bubbles but if you do have bubbles just iron over them again and again until the are no longer there.


some bags may shrink allot. those ones won't be good for the primary material for the case.

Step 3: Add Your Design

From the decorating material(s) cut out pieces for your design then place in the baking parchment sandwich on the primary material and fuse together make sure that the layers are properly fused because when we come to the sewing the decorations can sometimes come off.

Step 4: Cutting the Material to the Right Size for Sewing

Cut the wonky edges off the material so it is a rectangle. then Cut it in half the way that your zip will fit

Step 5: Sewing the Zip

Change the foot on your sewing machine to the zip foot then sew along the zip on one of the pieces and then the other the zip side up

Step 6: Finish Off Sewing

Fold it so the design is pointing inwards then sew up the sides perpendicular to the zip with the normal foot on the sewing machine. then open the zip sew up the final edge.

Step 7: Turn It Back Outside Out

Turn it back outside out

You are finished !

Now you need to find something to put in it and show it to your friends

(if your design came undone when turning it out you can always put some parchment inside the case and iron the design back on.)

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