Introduction: 1000C+ Waste Oil Foundry

this foundry was built to replace a much larger one built from a 55gallon oil drum it was so inefficient that its was a hassle to run despite the volume of metal that could be melted. this foundry is compact and efficient and can easily getup to copper temperatures with the right fuel.its built from an old propane tank and designed to run with waste oil but i have been using it with propane until i need higher temps

If you want to see the sequel to this project where i build crucible tools and turn 56kg of aluminium into ingots checkout the extra video at the end of the instructable, you wont be disappointed

Step 1: Tools

1- Angle grinder for cutting and polishing the metal

2- Welder (tig or mig recommended)

3- Drill press or corded/cordless drill

4- A metal bar bender/pipe bender/sturdy vice

Step 2: Materials

1- A large cylinder for the foundries body (EMPTY gas tank or oil drum recommended)

2- 3 angle iron pieces width and thickness do not matter as long as they are the same length this will dictate the height of your foundry

3- 20kg bag of general purpose concrete

4- 20kg bag of clean sand

5- A few screws to keep the concrete in the foundry lid from falling out and to hold the hinge in place

6- A hinge for the foundry lid

7- optional chain to stop lid from opening too far

8- 3 15mm square tubes 200mm long for handles

9 a cylindrical insert (plastic or cardboard not metal) to create the inner hole of the foundry

Step 3:

Here is the video where i show the building process its a bit long but i hope you enjoy. if you do enjoy consider checking out my channel DIY Jet Engine Guy where i build all sorts of metalworking stuff but my main project is of course a back yard Jet Engine

If you want to see the sequel to this video where i create crucible tools and turn 56kg of aluminium into ingots check out this video below

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