100W LED Flashlight




Introduction: 100W LED Flashlight

During our urbexing light is important, we decided to make one, but ultra strong light. The light source is one LED emitter 100 W, which runs on 32-34 V.
Power can be supplied in various ways, through an AC-DC 18 V adapter, car battery or a DIY battery of 11.1 V, which is currently under construction. To power LED emitter you need 'voltage booster DC-DC 150w'.
Given that we constantly do not require the same amount of light, we decided to install a potentiometer to regulate light intensity. The output voltage is regulated by trimmer, which determines the maximum voltage that is supplied, and they are in this case 34 V.
Emitter is heated, so we installed a CPU heat sink cooler from the PC and the fan that lowered the temperature of the heat sink LED emitters and cooler of 'voltage booster DC-DC 150w'.
As the fan is running at 5 V, for him, we had to use the device for lowering the voltage 'Step down LM2596S'.List of parts, wiring diagrams, and finished device look in the album DIY 100W LED flashlight .

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Step 1: Parts

LED emitter 100 W

Voltage booster DC-DC 150w

Trimmer is desolder from voltage booster DC-DC 150w

Potentiometer 10k Ohm

Voltage step down LM2596S

Switch for fan and power

XT60 connector

Cooler Master CPU cooler with 120 mm cooling fan. It is used for cooling the LED emitter

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

The wires that we used are: 0.75 mm2 and 2.5 mm2

Step 3: Photos and Details of Making

Potentiometer cap made from the bullet casing

Step 4: Finished Product and Sample Photo

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    6 years ago

    It's really informative and helpful for me. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    6 years ago

    Wow, very nicely designed and constructed product.

    Can you tell us about the costs (converted to Eur for clarity)?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I'm glad you like it.
    Price of the material for the lamp is around 60€


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you think the battery and power, you can use RC batteries, 3C 11,1 V, custom made batteries (I am making my own 11.1 V battery), or any other 10-20 V battery.

    You can also use laptop power supplyif you have an electric outlet in your proximity.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    After I finish I'll do instructions