Introduction: 100w LED Flashlight

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It this tutorial Ill be teaching you how to build an extremely powerful flashlight!

Its very easy to make, and extremely cheap as well!

This flashlight has many uses, Pure white light means its great for filming. Or you could use it as a motion activated spotlight in your backyard! The possibilities are endless!

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

You will need

Metal box (used as a heatsink)

12v battery

100w LED

Thermal paste

12-35v step up transformer

Thats it!

You will also need assorted tools

Step 2: Connect Some Wires!

Add connections to the 12v battery and wire it directly into the transformer

This is not permanent because we will be adding a switch here later

Step 3: Step Up Voltage

Using a multimeter measure the voltage of the transformer.

Use a small screwdriver to slowly turn the voltage up to about 34 volts

Step 4: Add a Switch

Now cut one of the wires going into the transformer and add in a switch

You will also need to use a dremel to cut a square into the metal tool case and feed the switch through there.

Step 5: Scratch Away Paint

Using a dremel, scratch away the paint until you have a big square that can fit your LED

This is alot harder than it looks and took about an hour.

Step 6: Final Touches

Now add some thermal paste and mount the LED directly onto the metal parts, being sure that the positive and negative tabs dont touch.

Then solder on wires from the transformers output onto the correlating LED tabs (+ and +) (- and -)

Step 7: You're Done!

You're done! You now have an extremly bright flashlight!

Thanks for reading my instructable!

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