Introduction: 101 Useful, Practical, Functional 3d Prints!

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This is a compilation of 101 useful things that can be 3D printed!

I did not design any of these models and am taking no credit for any them, I searched for a very long time(over 8 hours!) and downloaded these pictures from the Internet. I thought that this would be acceptable because most of the compilations of 3d prints online are small and of not useful things.

Note: I do not have the files to print any of the following objects, this is simply to give you an idea of the usefulness of a 3D printer. But, all of the images were downloaded from the Internet and if you search you will probably find the file to download if you would like.

Step 1: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Step 2: Toothpaste Squeezer

Never have trouble getting the last bit out again!

Step 3: Chip Clip

Step 4: Whistle

Step 5: Spare Key

Step 6: Adjustable Wrench

Step 7: Hair Combs

Step 8: Electrical Outlet Wire Wrap

Step 9: Phone Case

Step 10: Dice

Step 11: Belt

Step 12: Grocery Bag Carrier

Step 13: Gears

Customizable gears for any project you have.

Step 14: Nuts and Bolts

Step 15: Nut Cracker

Step 16: Knife Sheath

Protect kids from your kitchen knives or add a belt loop and carry around your favorite blade.

Step 17: Orange Peeler

If you've never tried one of these before, it makes oranges much less of a hassle.

Step 18: Tweezers

For any uses you may have, even replacing the ones you lost from your pocket knife.

Step 19: License Plate Frame

Well, it's sorta useful, and fully customizable!

Step 20: Mechanical Pencil

I'm not sure what size it uses, but it can probably be made to use any size.

Step 21: Laptop Stand

To prevent any overheating during prolonged use.

Step 22: Straw

It's always nice to have a non-disposable straw around.

Step 23: New Zipper Handle

Never spend time fiddling with your broken zipper again!

Step 24: Fishing Reel

Step 25: Fishing Lures

They'll match perfectly with your fishing reel.

Step 26: Fly Swatter

Viewer Discretion Advised:

Kill those pesky Bugs!

Step 27: Chess Pieces

No more unfair advantages due to missing pawns.

Step 28: Postage Stamp Holder

Step 29: Bird Feeder

Step 30: Custom Circuit Boards

Step 31: Hat

Step 32: Custom Lego and Other Construction Toys

Step 33: Basket/Bowl

Step 34: Working Clock

Step 35: Lock With Key

Step 36: Phone Ergonomic Game Case

Step 37: Pen Cap

Step 38: Custom Pipe Fittings

Step 39: Box

Step 40: Buttons

Step 41: Brain Entertainer

It's so pretty...

Step 42: Paper Clip

Step 43: Teapot/Coffee Pot

Step 44: Door Grabber

Open the door all the way and this will grab the handle and keep it open

Step 45: Earbud Thing

Step 46: Cast

Step 47: Dog Tag

Step 48: Coat Hanger

Step 49: Spatula

Step 50: Plate

Step 51: Buckle

Step 52: Paper Weight

They have their uses.

Step 53: Post-it Note Box

Step 54: Key Organizer/Hanger

Step 55: Tiny Crowbar

For those tiny nails you hanger up stuff with.

Step 56: Carabiner

Step 57: Custom Lens

Step 58: Light Switch Name Tags

Step 59: Cherry Pit Remover

Step 60: Custom Outlet Cover

Step 61: Desk Lamp

Put this together and run some wires and your all set.

Step 62: Drill/Screwdriver Bit Holder Bracelet

Always have the right bit handy.

Step 63: Pliers

Step 64: Shoes

Step 65: Knife Rack

Step 66: Faucet

Step 67: Replacement Parts

Make replacement parts for whatever broken things you may have.

Step 68: Citrus Juicer

Step 69: Cup

Step 70: Guitar

Step 71: Working Combination Lock

Step 72: Outlet Shelf

Step 73: Instrument

Step 74: Multi-Tool

Step 75: Razor Hanger

Step 76: Prosthetic Limbs

Step 77: Garlic Press

Step 78: Cookie Cutter

Step 79: Cable Holder

Step 80: Faucet Water Fountain Attachment

Step 81: Water Bottle

Step 82: Earbud Wrap

Step 83: Shirt

Step 84: Scissors

Step 85: Project Box

Step 86: Spoon

Step 87: Gun Magazine

Step 88: Cutlery(Silverware)

Step 89: Speaker Amplifier/Director

Step 90: Pen Holder

Step 91: Guitar Pick

Step 92: Light Switch Cover

Step 93: Measuring Spoons

In ultra specific sizes, 3-58ths of a quart? Done.

Step 94: Gallon Jug Water Spout

Step 95: Hand Crank Mixer

Step 96: A Working Gun

Step 97: Knife

Step 98: Tablet Stand

Step 99: Phone Wallet Case

Step 100: Watch Band

Step 101: Screwdriver

Need a Triangle, Hexagon, square, or any other shape bit? Just print one.

Step 102: Thank You!

And that is 101 useful, practical, functional things to 3D print. Thank you for viewing and God Bless!