Introduction: 10W LED Flashlight Retrofit!

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Hi everyone! Today I'm building a 10W flashlight retrofitted into an old lantern style lamp.

Step 1: Parts

Parts I used:

10W LED. I used the 3x3 style one since it requires less voltage.

10W LED driver. I used one like this ( Ebay )

A VGA heatsink and fan ( Ebay )

Heatsink compound

3pcs 18650 batteries



Hot glue

Step 2: Assemble

This is one of the easier builds with great results I've done!

First, clean the heatsink and back of LED with rubbing alcohol. Add a small amount of heatsink compound and the led. I just used some hot glue but you really should screw the LED to the heatsink.

The driver has a full bridge rectifier on the input so it is reverse polarity protected. Now, since I also have a fan on the heatsink, I soldered its wires to the input of the driver. I soldered the driver output to the LED being careful it was the right polarity. Connect the three 18650 batteries in series and add a switch between the battery and the driver.

Connect the batteries to the driver input and the circuit is pretty much done!

I hot glued the heatsink with the LED in the old flashlight. I placed it tightly against the reflector so that the LED shines through the reflector hole with minimal light leakage. Then I attached the driver and batteries inside using double sided foam tape. Then, all that was left was the switch.

The flashlight had an old switch that was far to unreliable to reuse. So I removed it and in its place I put a new switch.

I kind of messed up the "on/off" plate on the front when I tightened the nut... But over all I'm happy with the results! The lens and reflector really helps focus the light :)

Step 3: Pics

Step 4: Done!

I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable! Please let me know if you decide to make your own!

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