Introduction: Reusable Box for "Bag-in-Box" System

Are you using the Bag-in-Box system to fill up your homemade juice?
Then this is an good alternative to using the normal cardboard boxes.
Its designed to make good use of the material and to be long lasting.

material needed:
800* 400* 6mm MDF or whatever you want (whats MDF in english?)

buzz saw
jig saw

Step 1: Cutting

Saw the parts as in the picture below to make best use of the material.
The first cut should be on the long side, so then you only need to cut pieces off of the two resulting boards.

Step 2: Key and Slot Joint

The next step is the sawing of the key and slot joints.

Depth and width of the slot and key joints are 3mm unless otherwise noted!

Part 1: 
key on all sides

Part 7: 
key only on opposite side of the hole

Part 3+5: 
key on the long sides
slot on the back side, 2mm from the border
only Part 3:
slot on the front, 6mm from the border, 6mm wide

Part 2+4:
slot on both the front short sides, 6mm from the border, 6mm wide
slot on both the back sides, 2mm from the border, 3mm wide
slot on all long sides, 3mm from the border

Part 8:
slot on the long side, 3mm from the border, 3mm wide

Step 3: Cutting the Apple and the Tap Hole

Copy the apple onto the top board and cut it out.
Drill half a hole into part 6 and 7 with a 35mm drill.

Step 4: Glue

Now you can glue all the parts together at once.
Of course you're not glueing part 7 and 8 to the others...
Use bar clamps to hold the parts together tightly. It'll take about half an hour to dry.

Step 5: Done!

Thats it! Make your juice, put the bags in and post a picture if you can!