Introduction: 10x10 RGBW LED Matrix

In this project I create a 10x10 RGB LED Matrix. This project took around 8 hours of soldering. I would and wouldn't recommend this project. It takes a very long time to make but the finished product is very mesmerizing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is the full list of materials:

- 100 WS2812B LEDs:

- 5V 4A power supply:

- Arduino:

- Foam Board

- Translucent Acrylic

- Wood board

- Many wires

Step 2: Begin Assembling

Start tinning the solder pads of the LEDs.

Once done tinning, Drill holes for LEDs in the wooden board. The holes are around 1.7cm apart.

Step 3: Assembling and Soldering

Glue LEDs in wooden board.

Next, solder the wires on the LEDs. This will take a very long time to finish.

Step 4: Finishing the Build

Once everything is cut, start gluing the sides and foam into the panel. The foam is 18.7cm long.

Last step is the code. FastLED does not work with RGBW at the moment so you have to use Adafruits Library.