Introduction: 11 Amazing Fire Tricks

Hello young minded makers !!

In this instructable I am going to show you 11 tricks with fire which would amaze you. All the tricks are very simple. And nearly all the materials needed in the tricks are available in your house or a in a near by store.

Here is a video compilation of all the 11 tricks. Let it inspire you...

Now that you have seen the beauty of these tricks.


Step 1: Playing With Fire Fearlessly


  1. A hand sanitizer .
  2. A lighter.

First make sure you have a non - flammable surface. And then empty your hand sanitizer bottle on top of it. Then just for the fun of it tell your friends that you have super-powers which makes you immune to fire. And then with stylish swing scoop up the liquid in your hand and become their new SUPER HERO !!

Step 2: Lighting a Matchstick With a Rubber Band


  1. Couple of matchsticks
  2. And a rubber band

This is an extremely impressive way of lighting a matchstick with another matchstick and a rubber band. All you need to do is tie the rubber band around a matchstick on one side and tie the other end to another stick. Then hold on to one of the matchsticks and stretch the rubber band holding on to the other stick, then leave the stick after taking good aim. And swoosh you have a fire !

Step 3: Sparkly Fire


  1. Pool chlorine
  2. Brake fluids (check this out; Brake fluids).

In this trick you will come to know how to make a sparkly fire.

First spill some pool chlorine on a metal lid. And then pour some brake fluids in it. The mixture would start smoking. Pick up an useless cloth and place it on the mixture for a moment, and then take it out. The cloth would help to speed up the reaction, and start a fire !!

Step 4: Ping Pong Fire


  1. Ping pong balls
  2. A lighter

Ping pong balls are highly flammable. And when they burn they give an intense and short lived fire. The smell which is emitted from it while its burning is a pleasurable one. All you need to do is touch the balls with a flame...

Step 5: Fire Resistant Balloon

Materials :

  1. A balloon
  2. A candle

Normally if you put a balloon on a fire it would burst the very first second. But the secret to making it fire resistant is to put water in it !!:)

Note: It is fire resistant only temporarily. Holding it for too long on the fire will melt the rubber and eventually burst the balloon.

Step 6: Flame Travelling


  1. A candle
  2. A wooden stick
  3. A spoon

The flame travelling trick is a pretty impressive one. Because you can actually see the flame jumping across to the candle.

First just light the candle. And then let your wooden stick catch fire. Now with the spoon kill the flame in the candle, and quickly hover your wooden stick on top of the smoke. And you will see a flame jump to the candle...

Step 7: Candle Trick


  1. A candle
  2. A glass cup
  3. And some water

This is a very common experiment done in your physics class. Where you pour some water on a platter, and place a lit candle in the center. Then cover it with the glass cup. Thanks to the vacuum created by the candle burning up the oxygen in it, the water is sucked in.

Step 8: Swinging Candle


  1. A double wick candle
  2. A stick

Pierce a candle in the middle with a stick. Then balance the candle by placing the stick on something, making sure the candle can swing freely. And then light the wicks on both side, and enjoy seeing your candle seesaw.

Step 9: Flame Thrower


  1. A candle
  2. A WD - 40 ( Highly flammable)

This is a very fun and yet dangerous trick. The WD - 40 is a highly flammable spray so make sure you have nothing around you which is flammable when you are doing this trick.

Light a candle and spray the gas-liquid on it, and admire the dragon flame effect produced !!

Step 10: Light a Matchstick With a Laser Beam


  1. A High beam laser
  2. A matchstick
  3. A glass cup

Insert the matchstick on a piece of thermocol and place it on a platter. Then cover it with a glass cup. Aim the Laser beam at the tip of the match stick and wait for the fire to catch...

Note: The High beam laser is very dangerous. It can easily blind you if you look at it.Use it carefully.

Step 11: Light a Match With a Battery


  1. A matchstick
  2. A battery
  3. Wires

The last and final trick is a special one. Because you will be using electrical heat to light a match.

All you need to do is tie the wire to the head of the matchstick using only one strand of the copper wire. And connect the wire to the negative side of the battery. Next connect the other wire to the positive side of the battery. And then touch the wire to the other wire...

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