Introduction: 1.1. Introduction | Learn SelfCAD

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1.1. Introduction
1.2. Interface
1.3. Navigation
1.4. Preferences
1.5. Workspace Settings
1.6. Environment Settings
2.1 Dollhouse project, part 1
2.2. Dollhouse project, part 2
2.3. Windows
2.4. Beds
2.5. Armchair & Sofa
2.6. Chairs & Table
3. 3D Printing (soon)

Welcome to the tutorial series called Learn SelfCAD. In this course, you will learn how to use SelfCAD. The course is divided into three parts. In the first part, you will learn what SelfCAD is, how is its interface built and what settings you can change. The second part involves modeling a dollhouse. Follow this tutorial step by step to learn how SelfCAD tools work. The project is called dollhouse and indeed it's designed so that you can print it for your child to play, but in fact it can be used as a decoration too. The last part is about 3D printing.

Step 1: What Is SelfCAD?

SelfCAD is an easy to master but powerful browser-based 3D modeling software. As it is browser-based all you need is computer with internet connection and browser. It supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Mac and Linux.

To launch SelfCAD you actually need to meet the requirements of your browser, but it is recommended to use minimum 3 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM and modern graphic card.

Step 2: Why Use SelfCAD?

Why should you use SelfCAD? Because:
- it's online, you don't have to download anything
- it's easy to learn
- it's user-friendly
- it has lots of powerful tools that help you with modeling
- it has sculpting tools (10 brushes)
- it has a built-in slicer

Step 3: Registration

To use SelfCAD you have to create your own account.

Click Register button on the SelfCAD homepage. Then enter your name, surname, nickname, email address and password. Accept terms and register your account. To confirm your email address open a message you should receive, copy the verification code and paste it on the next page. Now you should be able to launch the editor.

Step 4: Creating a New Project

At the beginning you have no projects and the only thing you can do is creating a new project.

When creating a new project, you should see a window like the one shown in the picture. In this window you can set three things:
- Name of your project - it's default name is Untitled-"number"
- Workspace Size - workspace in SelfCAD is a cube in which all objects are placed. Nothing can be outside the workspace so set its size so that everything fits inside.
- Segment Size - the workspace is divided into smaller square segments separated by a grid. This grid exists to let you control the size of your model and snap your drawings to it.

You can change all these parameters later.

Remember that 1 SelfCAD's unit is equal to 1 millimeter (or 1 inch, you can change it in Preferences).

Step 5: Next Lesson

Congratulations! You have just created your first project and finished the first lesson of this course.

To learn about interface layout, click here.