Introduction: $11 Stainless Steel Utensil Rack

This instructable creates an inexpensive and good looking wall mounted utensil rack to organize and make your cooking utensils more accessible.

Materials & Tools:

2 Drawer handles
1 Package of S-hooks
2 Identical scrap wood pieces (approximately 4" x 1")
2 Drywall screws and anchors

Measure the space on the wall where you plan on hanging the utensil rack and purchase the right size of drawer handles for your kitchen. We bought a 2-pack of 21 7/16” handles at Ikea for under $10 dlls.

Find drywall screws to fit your project. In this case they should be twice as long as the depth of the scrap wood piece plus the thickness of your drywall.

Step 1: Test the Vertical Distance Between Handles

Set the handles on a flat surface. Test the distance between the rails by adding a hook on the top rail and adjusting the bottom rail position to where it supports the bottom of the hook in place (fig. 1). This way the utensils will hang straight down keeping them from touching the wall.

Place a scrap piece of wood on each end and center it under the handle brackets. Verify with a square that rails are in a straight line. Mark the scrap wood with a pencil where the handle screws need to be. 

Measure and make a third mark half way in between the two marks for each handle (fig. 2). This hole will be used to mount the rack to the wall.

Step 2: Drill Holes on Scrap Wood

Drill  holes in the scrap wood where each pencil mark is. The handles’ screws will need to have flat heads or be countersunk into the wood so that the rack sits flat on the wall (fig 3).

Step 3: Install Handles on Scrap Wood

Attach handles to scrap wood by screwing the handles’ included hardware through the scrap wood holes.

Step 4: Mount Utensil Rack on the Wall

At this point you have in your hands a good-looking and customized utensil rack. Plan on hanging it where it’s accessible for cooking. We put it above the stove. Test the rack in the area where you are planning to hang it. Use a level to verify it is straight and mark the wall through the holes you have already made between the handle brackets with a pencil.

Drill the holes in the wall where you marked with the pencil. Insert a wall anchor into each pre-drilled hole. Hold the utensil rack in place over the holes on the wall and screw the drywall screws into each of the holes through the scrap wood pieces.

Step 5: Adjust Hooks

The hooks we bought jiggle side-to-side making it sort of unstable, this happens because the size of the hook is too big for the rail. To fix this we just pressed the hook with pliers to close it a little bit (fig 4). 

In addition, the spatula had a thick handle and so the hook was to small for it. In this case we pulled it open with the pliers as well (fig 5).

Step 6: Voila! Your Kitchen Utensils Now Really Do Come in Handy

Hang and organize as many utensils fit along the rails. Not bad for $11.