Introduction: 11 Tips to Make Journey Easier

Hello Friends ! Now today I want to tell you some Tips to follow during journey. These tips are very useful during travelling and make us more comfortable and happy. So take a look at the instructable below.

Step 1: Identity of Luggage

Most of the people get very tensed at the time of group journeys because they think that their luggage bags gets mixed and get lost. To avoid this confusion, we can follow a simple tip i.e ; By Sticking a name label on the bags including Name , Address , Contact number etc as shown in the above file. You can also download the label from the below given file.

Step 2: Be Medicine Conscious

Medicines play an important role in the journey. These are useful at emergency situations and conditions. So we need to maintain a medicine box which contains some primary medicines which any one can consume. Like Anti- Biotic capsules , Anti septic creams etc. The full list can be downloaded from the file given below. So don't forget to take the emergency medicine box when travelling.

Step 3: Taking Water

Water is an important need in journeys. They help in regenerating our body's fluids and reduce dehydration. So water is an important resource which is needed in large quantities. That is why we need to take sufficient amount of water in journeys.

Another important matter is that Now-a-days the water which is sold outside is not pure water, but unclean and unhygienic water. So make sure that the water which you drink must be pure an clean. So carry water from home only.

Step 4: Consuming Food

Food also plays an important role in the journey time. Because it gives us energy and helps us to gain strength. All the people should consume required amount of food in journeys. So we need to eat healthy and clean food. We should not take outside food because it is cooked few days before and it is just heated before buying. So never take outside food.

Step 5: Less Luggage

" Less Luggage - More Comfort ". This statement is absolutely true. If we carry more luggage we will need to face a lot of difficulties like arranging place for them and carrying them through long platforms. Even in cars more luggage spoils the whole trip. We also feel tired by lifting the luggage for long time. It will also be a lot difficult to load and unload them from the vehicles. So make sure you take as minimum luggage as possible when going to a trip.

Step 6: Money Problem

If you are travelling in public transport, just carry only required money in your wallet. The rest of the money should be credited in the ATM cards (or) Credit cards etc. Because there are more thieves waiting to store your wallet and money in public transport. So if we store them in ATM cards our money will be safe. so store more money in cards and required money in wallets.

Step 7: Secret Places

If we need to store money with ourselves don't store them in wallets (or) pockets. Instead we need to select some secret places to store money and also credit cards etc. Those secret places should not be predictable and should not be easily appearing. Some of the secret places are shown in the below file.

Step 8: Take Care of Health !

We need to take care of our health while travelling where most diseases are spread during journeys because we are exposed to outside conditions along with lakhs of people. We need to take care of our health during journeys by following some health precautions. We need to maintain our own belongings like hand kerchiefs , water bottle etc to reduce the spreading of disease causing germs. We also need to reduce the usage of outside resources like water and food to reduce being sick. So be careful with the diseases which are spread while travelling.

Step 9: Be Alert !

Now-a-days many people are losing their belongings during journeys. Because many thieves are also travelling with us in public transport. They keep looking and thinking about how to steal our valuable belongings. So be careful about thieves while travelling and keep an eye on the people travelling with you. And also don't take any food items offered by them and also any person. Don't give the thieves a chance to steal your belongings.

Step 10: Some Entertainment During Travel

Lot of people get sticked to their phones and headsets during journey. But not only songs we also need to take some books like novels , stories , biographies during travelling. Because if we listen songs with headsets for a long time our ears get damaged and our brain damages. So it is necessary to read some books during to make our mood pleasant and happy.

Step 11: Enjoy the Trip

Now it is time to enjoy. Leave all the worries and enjoy the trip. Thank You

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