Introduction: 1.16 Minecraft Grinder

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Today I'm going to be showing you how to build this "Simple" 1.16 mob grinder for Minecraft


I have no idea I did it in creative so I don't know

Step 1: Space

1st you will need a flat open space to build the grinder. I used commands and a bit of mining to do this part I recommend at least a 35 x 35 space for building.

Step 2: Frame Construction

Then fill a 25x25 square space in the area with any concrete. Build frames for the walls 26 blocks tall at block 11 add a support(just for aesthetics). Add glass blocks of any kind to fill in the walls. Choose the location of the doors and add double doors. Cut out the glass in a three block radius and use a different color glass for contrast. use your concrete at the 3rd block away to add trim. Make a small control room with double doors and spots for levers there should be 4 levers if you are using cheats and 2 for survival the walls should be made of clear glass so you can see whole operation. Add normal glass for the roof AFTER you have completed the build as the spawners need a dome as a roof on the top over the spawner.

Step 3: Grinder Construction

Begin with the suffocation chamber by building a 2x3 platform from hoppers with a chest connected to it with two more hoppers connected to that. Add 2 walls parallel from each other from glass and 2 of polished granite. Before adding the granite put in 8 sticky pistons.

If you have drops falling out of the chamber, add hoppers from the chest to Catch those drops as well.

Using the 7 block water flow mechanic, we can make a small mob transporter to move the mobs to the suffocation chamber. Make two of these. one on top of the other with a 2x2 gap at the end of each. The top flow should have a gap going to the secondary one which should have a gap in to the chamber. At the end of the upper channel, there should be a 2x2 gap with 4 flows on all edges going in to it. On the roof of the flows there needs to be a 2x1 gap to minimize stragglers standing on the edges. On the roof close off the middle 2x2 gap and build a 2x2x2 cube of granite on top of it. put water against the granite cube and let it go through the gap. as this overrides the original source block and refills to the 7 block mark. Then add this shape(image 5) to the top at the center where there is glass above the cube. Add a roof to the channels and break holes though the spaces in the shape.


If you are building this in survival you will need to build a dark room for the mobs to spawn in and fall out of to the trapdoors

To build this you will need concrete and water.

Start out by building 8x4 rectangles from each of the edges of the spawner base. Then connect the edges by adding diagonal supports and fill in the holes then build up walls 2 blocks tall with 2 blocks of space for the water flow they need to be 2 tall so that mobs don't jump out of the flows. Then add 2 more layers to the outer wall and add the roof then fill in the rest of the open space level with the walls with glass leaving the spawner standing out of the top. There are only 2 more layers to help deter Endermen from spawning.


This spawner is more complex as you need to use much more redstone to set it up. You need sticky pistons, concrete, command blocks, repeaters and redstone dust. this one also include a much smaller redstone clock.

Place your command blocks on to the base and then build a small platform behind them and connect two together and repeat for the other two. Then before you add redstone place a block behind the command block and place a sticky piston on the block (not the command block). Add a block of concrete on top of the command blocks. Then build a 2x4 platform off the back of each piston. Add a L shape line of redstone then two repeaters facing opposite directions with dust connecting those. set the delay to two ticks. Then set the mob for each command block. Make sure they are set to repeat and need redstone.

Step 6: WIRING

First you must make sure that your command blocks are set up correctly. If so you can move on. If not make sure they are then continue.

Add dust to the backs of the command blocks and connect them together. Then make a spiral staircase down and add dust down to that once you reach the bottom floor then you add blocks to the levers parallel form the door . Then turn off monsters and turn on the levers. the follow the power till the power is no longer flowing. At those locations you will need to make some modifications so that the power is rejuvenated. Then once you see the summon successful output show up you can move on. The next step is to wire up the pistons of the suffocation chamber like in the photo. You are technically done but i have more. A system that take the drops and puts them in to a sorter with a room below the control room. If you want to take the lag off I suggest setting a delay and using buttons instead of levers for spawning the mobs

Step 7: Sorting System Setup

I got this from another users Instructable and I will link to their page so you can see the original build and can use that in your build if you want to

You will need to carve out a room under your grinder to house your mine carts. After that you should place a ramp going on to a hopper to a chest. Under the chest dig down about 5 blocks and add hoppers. Then dig a 2x2 section then down 5 more blocks & hollow out a small cave then build the sorting system with chests based on what ever the mob your farming drops as well as rare drops or things that don't stack. I renamed the item for the frames to their plural form then put them in the frame so there was a tag for the item. take one of each item you want to sort based on your mob drops and put 1 in each of the chest slots. Then add 4 random blocks to the hopper going in to the chests. I also removed the last part of redstone so that the reject items went in to it in stead of clogging the hoppers. After you have take care of all that. set up a rail going from the hoppers under the chest to the sorting system and back.

Then create a rail that lets chests go to the grinder's storage chests and empties those an chest cart and the cart takes those to the drop off chest and repeats the trip. Reminds me of Dwarf Fortress

Step 8: FINISHED!!!!!

Now you have completed your 1.16 mob grinder in the images for the front page was my original one but this one was a bit different in the control room sizing and it was 4 flows instead of three that the original had.

Make sure you choose the right mob in the command blocks because I was setting one to wither skeletons and clicked wither so when I started it, It went BUBYE