1:18 Scale Travel Trailer (NOBO by Forest River) for RCAWD Gelande II

Introduction: 1:18 Scale Travel Trailer (NOBO by Forest River) for RCAWD Gelande II

This is a little Trailer I made to tow with my 1:18 Scale Land Rover Defender D90 Gelande II RC Truck from RCAWD. We have a 1:1 No Boundaries NOBO 16.5 from Forest River and I wanted to follow the general lines of that model. Some "creative license" was taken to make everything work, but I think I came close to the look.

Step 1: Printing the Graphics

Note: I got my FULL SHEET Vinyl Decals today. They make this project SO MUCH EASIER!

I have a BASIC Vinyl Cutter, but it does NOT produce 4 Color Graphics. While I could piece these items together, it was much easier to have them printed on High Quality Vinyl Professionally. The PDF File is formatted for printing a 14 inch x 8 inch image which most suppliers should be able to easily handle.

Determine the size you would like and either (a) Upload the PDF Attached to www.stickermaker.com or go to a local shop like FastSigns. A cheaper route is to print them on Paper with a High Quality Laser Printer, but prices to have this done in Adhesive Vinyl ranged from $15-30 and is well worth the added cost.

Step 2: Order the Tires/Wheels From EBay or a Local Hobby Shop

You don't need anything fancy here and I went with some inexpensive tires on eBay.

Later we'll use two Finish Nails or (Better) Screws to form the Axle

Step 3: PVC Board and Coraplast

I chose PVC Board because it handles getting wet very well and serves as a strong and sturdy base. While at the Orange or Blue Home Store pick up a can of Flat Black Spray Paint if you don't have any on hand.

With the size determined calculate what size base and tongue will work with your RC Tow Vehicle.

Cut the PVC Board into the General shape shown above.

Step 4: Using an Actual Scale Template to Cut the Coraplast

Use a Printed Template, Utility Knife and Cutting Mat to cut the two sides, both ends and roof to fit your graphics and PCV Base.

Step 5: And.... Final Assembly

I used Oracal Matte White Vinyl to "WRAP" the trailer and Frame Assembly together

I set, pre-drilled/screwed the Axle Block and Frame Together.

Apply the Professional Graphics

The Hitch Assembly is from amainhobbies.com ($5 Hot Racing 1:10 Scale EZ Tow Shackle Mount)

I need a 3D Printer!

There are A LOT of Accessories for 1:10th Scale but 1:18th Scale stuff is harder to find.

I included a Photo of my other 1:10 Scale Model built on a Yeah Racing Trailer Base for another example. I may write another instructable for that sometime?

Step 6: Have Fun!

Don't forget to have fun Camping! #NOBO

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    2 years ago on Step 6

    I love this! My three little boys would go crazy for this!!!

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    That's some impressive detail for being so small :)