+12/-12 Volt Transformer Based Dual Voltage Power Supply



Introduction: +12/-12 Volt Transformer Based Dual Voltage Power Supply

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make simple +12/-12 volt transformer based Dual Voltage Power Supply circuit. You can watch the video which is embedded in this step for construction, parts list, circuit diagram & testing or you can continue reading the post for further details.

Step 1: Parts & Affiliate List

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Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Other Details

Construct the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram.
For making this project one of the main component is the center tapped transformer. The transformer i used is of the rating 240v to 12-0-12v. The recommended rating would be 240v to 18-0-18v transformer.

  • Note : Sometimes the transformer you purchase outputs more then the specified value (which happened in my case), so be careful while choosing the transformer.

The C1 & C2 capacitor acts as the smoothing capacitor, this is to even out if there is any fluctuation. You can also add an bypass capacitor after the C1 & C2 to remove any AC noise which is not showed in my circuit. Next the two voltage regulators, The 7812 gives positive 12v & 7912 gives you -12v. This can be done with other variants too

  • Note : 78xx gives the positive output & 79xx gives the negative output

The capacitor C3 & C4 are used as the bypass capacitor to remove the AC noise & give an pure & cleaner DC Signal.

The testing of the circuit can watched in the video attached in the first step or you can CLICK HERE

Thank You for watching

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