Introduction: 12-21-2012 END of the World Sign (lights Up)

As we all know the world is going to be ending on 12-21-2012 because the MAYANS said so, not that there here to testify that. This sign is easy to build, cheap, and a great conversational piece for your man cave, den, or BATCAVE.

From start to finish including dry time this should only take 2-3 hours.

Step 1 is to get products

-Foam board (about $2.00)
-Paint (about $4.00)
-LED Christmas tree lights (about $6.00)
-Hot glue & gun (already had)
-Drill and bit (already had)

Step 1: The Next Step

Once you have all the material. 

Then cut the foam board in half, and begin to paint. Then let dry.

Step 2: After Base Coat Has Dried

Once it it dry you can paint your own design. Using whatever colors you chose. I chose Purple, and green, for Joker. Which I glued on a joker card, I am working on drawing a joker to paint on the board currently. 

Step 3:

After your design has set in, Now it is time to drill. Get your drill and your drill bit, then drill hole where you want to insert the LED christmas light. I used a 50 set of lights so I drilled 50 holes. Then insert the christmas lights into the bored and then hot glue. To ensure the lights stay in place. Once it is done it should look like this. 

Step 4:

THIS IS WHAT it looks like when lit up. Thanks for watching, going to my bunker now....8-)