12 Days of Christmas Cards: Day 1

Introduction: 12 Days of Christmas Cards: Day 1

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I really like making handmade Christmas cards, I think it adds a nice touch, and tells the receiver that you really were thinking about them this holiday season.  The problem is, who has time to make cards?  Well, I do, but my social calendar is a little lacking... Ok, non existent.  So for the rest of you, that actually do have a life, I made these cards as simple as possible.  Today I am going to make a fun wreath card with embossed paper and snowflake punch outs.  Here is how it came together:

Materials used:

Blank cards- generic

Embossed scrapbook paper- Brazzill Paper Co.

Stickers- Special Moments Scrapbooking

Ink- Colorbox in Bronze

Stamp: Stampabilities

Start with a blank card you can find at any craft store.

Cut a piece of your embossed background paper a little smaller than your card.

Gently rub your color over the paper with a stamp pad focusing on the edges with and working in a little

Then punch out a bunch of snowflakes with green paper and a snowflake punch.

Glue them to your paper in a circle, to form a wreath. Attach a piece of red ribbon to 'hang' the wreath.

Then I attached 2 poinsettia stickers layered on top of each other and secured with a brad.

FInally, stamp your title on a piece of white cardstock and ink the edges.  Viola! A cute Handmade Christmas card.

Check out this fun Christmas Card and more with step-by-step instructions at www.theviewfrom8600ft.com!  Stay tuned for more ideas all Christmas season!

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    You should enter this card too into the Holiday Gift Contest! I love embossing cards and then using ink to bring out the design! Always makes for a great background that's pretty but not too busy.