Introduction: 12 Volt DC Solar Set-up

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This is how I made my 12 volt DC solar panel and wind turbine set up.
I have a solar panel and a wind turbine charging threw a charge controller.

A charge controller converts the solar panel into energy to charge batteries.

I use it to power:

12 volt heater/light

12 volt led light

12 volt led lantern

12 volt mattress pump

12 volt air tire pump

12 volt cooler fan

12 volt stereo/speakers

rechargingAA & AAA batteries

recharging 9 volt batteries

first check this out

Step 1: Tools



wire stripper

solder iron

phillips head

flat head


cordless drill

Have you seen ths

Step 2: Supplies:


Solar panel
wind turbine
charge controller
12 volt battery
12 heater
7 segment displays
cigarette lighter outlet
dc to ac converter
red electrical tape
black eletrical tape

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Step 3: Solar Pannel

I used a 20 watt solar panel to begin this project. I add a black project box with a positive and negitive connector at the bottom to make it easy to plug in and unplug. I attached it to a piece of wood with hings so that you can angle the panel.

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Step 4: 12 Volt Wind Turbine

Another way I am powering my 12 volt batteries is using a wind turbine. I bought my turbine online and made a frame for it. There's a positive and negative wire coming out that connected to + and - wires going to the charge controller. I cut a hole in the PVC pipe for the wires to come out.

Solars in now adays

Step 5: 12 Volt Batteries

Batteries are going to the way you store your power and use it. I use several different types of batteries. I have several 7 amp batteries connected in parrallel keeping the 12 volts but add the amps together making the amp hours total 28 amp hours with the four batteries I have connected. Also old car batteries have a 12 volt output that you recharge because your car need the full charge to start your car is why you can use it in your car but can power smaller applainces. Also I have a 18 amp battery that I put in the coolers for powering. I added connectors to the batteries so that banana plugs can easly plug in and out.

batteries, batteries, batteries

Step 6: Cooler Fan

This is for when is hot for inside a ten or small room or car(not using the car's battery). I used 12 volt fans that you can easly find. I used four smaller fans and soldered the positive ends together and the negative ends together that go to the battery. I put ice water bottles in the cooler with the fans pointed inward on them with an exahaust vent on the top where the cold air comes out.

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Step 7: 12 Volt Stereo/speaker

Another thing I run off the 12 volt bateries is my stereo cooler. For this you need a cooler, two speakers, an amp, audio cable, and the battery. I cut holes for the speakers and screwed them down. Mounted the amp and battery. and wired it up. The out put of the amp has a white and red out put plugs that I connected a male red and white plug to an audio jack that plugs into a phone or ipod.

12 volt portable stereo

Step 8: 12 Volt Led Light

I needed a light source to run off my 12 volt system. I had a encloser laying around that used for the case. I used 12 white leds. I added resistors in series with leds. I used 1 resistor for every three leds. I added a switch to the case for turning on and off. I have the negitive wires connected to the black negitive out put and a the red going to the positive output. This case came with a plug so that is where the + and - wires are coming out.

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Step 9: 12 Volt LED Lantern

I already had a 12 volt led light but needed a different 12 volt light source for more lighting. I decided to make a led lantern. I had a lantern that was make for fuel. I added leds strip lighting to a round paper towel cardboard. I glued it to the card board so it would hold. On the ends of the led strip there spots were you can solder on + and - wires to be connected to the battery. I added the wires and then banana plugs on the end to plug into the battery source.

Step 10: 12 Volt Heater

This is a cool little 12 volt heater and light. I came with a cigarette adapter but i cut that off and put on banana plug adapters. This works good for heating a small room or tent. It also has a light on it too.

Step 11: 12 Volt Air Mattress Pump

I bought this for 10 dollars and I use it for pumping up my air mattress when camping. You can also reverse it to deflate the air mattress. You can also use it to pump up water floatation stuff, like tubes and floaties.

Step 12: 12 Volt Tire Pump

This 12 volt tire/air pump can come in very handy. I have used this to add air in bike tires and even used it to fill up my car tire when flat. You can plug this into your cigarette lighter to power it. Also you can screw in a needle tip on the end to fill up basketballs, footballs, etc.

Step 13: 12 Volts DC to 110 AC Converter

For my 12 volt portable cooler power supply I added a 110 AC inverter. I have the positive and negitive wires coming from the battery to the DC inputs, then from the 110 output I have a regular plug plugged in that i striped the other end of the wire that connected to a stand plug output. This is a 300 watt inveter.

Step 14: Connector Box

all the reds lead to the 12 v red input

all the blacks lead the ground input

Step 15: Metered Display Box 7 Segments

To make the display box I used three 7 segment display meters.
one to display the battery voltage
one to display the solar output voltage
one to display the solar out current

Step 16: Wiring

Step 17: Connectors

banana plugs to clamps
banana plugs to banana plugs
clamps to clamps

clamps to female cigarette socket
banana plugs to female cigarette socket
SAE water proof quick connect to female cigarette socket

banana plugs to male cigarette lighter
clamps to male cigarette lighter

Step 18: Portable

make it portable

Step 19: Portable Power Pack

Theses are a great source of back up battery source. Theses are used for jumping dead car batteries or powering 12 volt devices. You use the red and black jumper cables for jumping a car battery. There is also a cigarette outlet for a 12 volt power source. Thers a plug to recharge it too.

Step 20: Bonus

sd card player- can view pics and read sd cards

aaa. aa 9 volt battery solar recharger

mini solar fan

trickle charger