120mm Arctic P120 to 125mm Carbon Filter

Introduction: 120mm Arctic P120 to 125mm Carbon Filter

This air purifier is super SILENT

you can find the models on my Tinkercad and the STL files are shared here

Step 1: Print the 3 Stl Files

print in PETG for flexibility compared to PLA

the tinkercad will let you easily adapt the pieces for other filter / hose sizes.

the files are available on MEGAsync


https://mega.nz/#!xDIkXCKC!L2Z7Ulq6T5BV2VTGBKhV0KW... https://mega.nz/#!MWIAGQiR!K_Lk6KJ4qYkTkerlwQwhwu...

Step 2:

for assembly you'll need the M4 size screws

and a 12V DC power adapter

with or without dc-dc converter

Step 3: Step3: Install Fan on 125mm Carbon Filter and Hose

as you can see, if light is an issue, print in black petg

Step 4: Advanced: Control the Pwm Fan With Mqtt and Node-red From Raspberry to Esp8266

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Reply 2 years ago

tinkercad is nice for geometric designs and easy