Introduction: 123D IPad Stylus Tool

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Do you like to draw, write, doodle, or just put something on your iPad or smartphone? Or perhaps you like to pay attention to detail a little more than others. Well this instructable will show you how to design something to benefit that perfectionist in you.

This iPad stylus tool Is designed to fit over your finger, much like a thimble would for sewing. And you obviously can't 3D print the part where it touches the screen, so I will show you later what you can use, that is so easy to get and cheap too!

Step 1: The Base Cylinder

First make a cylinder (found in primitive objects), you might want to make it alittle wider depending on your finger size.

Next make a circle along the top, leaving a few mm for a wall.

Lastly, use the push /pull tool to extrude the circle all the way down leaving you with a hollow cylinder.

Step 2: Cone #1

Now, make a cone with the same radius as your base cylinder (also you might want to extend the height of the cone as well).

Next click on the cone twice to reveal a settings icon, then click the shell icon. Choose a height and it will chop the top of the cone off (I used 8 as my height).

Then make a circle on the top of the cone (leaving a little bit left for walls). Then extrude it all the way through.

Finally, click the snap tool (magnet) and click the bottom of the cone and the top of the cylinder, they should align flush.

Step 3: The Connecting Peg

Start by making a box, don't place it yet you have to adjust the dimensions. Just play with the resizing until you get a size and shape you like (best if long and slender).

Then place it on top of the main shape and angle to your preference. (make sure it connects with the main body)

Step 4: Cone #2: The... Er Screen Toucher Holder

Start by making another cone, this time smaller than the first cone.

Then use the shell tool to chop off the cone's top.

Lastly, make a circle allitle smaller than cone's top and extrude it, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY!

Then you can attach it to the connecting peg (looks best at an angle).

Step 5: Finished Product

Once you finish all these steps you can go through and round the edges if you want with the fillet tool. Then make sure its together as a group so you can 3d print it.

So your probably wondering what your going to use to touch the screen, well something I've tried that works really good is a standard dishwashing sponge.

Please vote and I'll post another instructable on the finished product.

This is my first instructable so let me know how I did in the comments.


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