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Introduction: 123D Practical Laptop Cooling Stand With Speakers

I really like listening to music and usually bring the laptop with me, when I'm travelling, so I decided to design a laptop stand that has a cooling system and speakers. This design can be really practicle to the people like me. The speakers don't need too much space, because if they aren't used they can be put back to the side of the stand. I 'drilled' holes for the wires, because the speakers and the fans need electricity and the speakers need audio signal too. 
So, let's see how I made it!

Step 1: Making the Base

1. Make box which is 20mm thick and a bit bigger than you laptop. (Mine box was 20mm*400mm*300mm)
2. Put a 20mm*40mm*400mm box to the front.
3. Put a 20mm*60mm*400mm box to the back.
4. Use the filler tool to make the edges round.
5. Rotate and lift it to make it look like it's standing.

Step 2: Making the Speakers and the Fans

1. Cut two pieces out from the sides, which will be the speakers, and put them to the sides of the laptop stand.
2. Cut two 5cm x 5cm holes to the middle of the laptop stand, to make the place of the fans.
3. Drill two deep holes to the each sides of the laptop stand, where the speakers touch them and two other holes near to the middle. (As shown on the pictures)
+4. It isn't necessary for the model, but I created two boxes, which look like fans and made the speakers more look like real speakers.

The speakers have audio jacks which connects them to the laptop stand and also helps them to stay in place.

Step 3: Paint Everything

The last step is to paint it any color you want.
Here are two pictures of the laptop stand. In the second picture you can see it when the speakers are put back to the side of the stand and they aren't in use.
Congratulation! You have finished you laptop stand. I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial as much as I did making it. :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Design error the fan couldn't work because the space is rectangular.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Of course the fans can't be 3D printed, because there are electronic parts in it. I put them there to show how the laptop stand would look like.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Some speakers like this: http://img04.taobaocdn.com/bao/uploaded/i4/10977030422660083/T1ahZRXeBfXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_310x310.jpg would perfectly fit into it.


    9 years ago

    What program did you use to design this